Monday, September 27, 2010

Still Here

We are still here.  Sorry for the silence there has just been a lot going on and not enough energy to do it all.  I still do not have new photos downloaded we were having storage issues for all the pictures.  I think that may have been taken care of now so I will begin to download and new pics should come soon.  Sam is doing well in school and maturing before my eyes.  He is in a good stage right now and we are really enjoying our time with him.  I do have to tell one story... the three of us were in Gothenburg borrowing some special lights for an event at the church and Sam was helping us carry things.  I handed him one small crate and he said,  "shit, det var j├Ątte tungt!" (translation, "shit, that is really heavy.")  My jaw automatically dropped to the ground and as Andreas tried his best not to laugh, he reminded me that Sam didn't know what he was saying.  However, he used it well.  So we gently had to explain to him that shit was not a word that was appropriate for him to use in Swedish or English.  He was a bit confused and said, "but everyone at school says it".  So then we had to go into the explanation that Swedes don't really understand that it is not a good word in English, they have just picked it up, but we should not say it because it is not a nice word.  We also talked about what comes out of your mouth expresses your heart (I am sure that one will need repeating several times). So, now we start the interesting differences in language.  I am sure more interesting words are coming.  Not only do I have to figure out the English ones, but the Swedish ones as well!  In most languages the curse words relate to mainly sex, here in Sweden they are actually cursing you with Satan or demons.... I think if I had to choose I would prefer the English ones (never thought I would say that). This year Sam has been trying new phrases and words he hears at school, I hate the loss of his innocense.  However, I know he has to go through this and we have to help him make sense of it and move on.  He is a great kid!  

We have had another snag in the adoption process (of course I can't give details), but we are trying to figure out where to go from here.  I have to admit I am struggling a bit.  I feel like we hit walls, or snags all the time and time is quickly marching on.  I know that is probably not true, it just feels like it.  Please pray that we can understand where the Lord is leading us with all of this.  Maybe when Sam is 20 we can finally adopt again.......wait a minute then I am 50 and Sweden will not let me adopt.  Yep, I need prayer for my attitude.  Sometimes I just want to be 2 again so I can throw a big ole' fit.  I suppose God looks at me and sees that I do it anyway in my 36 year old way.   So here is a verse for all those out there that feel like I do right now.  Hebrews 12:12,13  "So take a new grip with your tired hands and strengthen your weak knees. Mark out a staight path for your feet so that those who are weak and lame will not fall but become strong."

May each of you meet God exactly where you are.  


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Samuel is 6!!!!!!

I will have to put pictures on later once I get them downloaded, but wanted to let everyone know that Sam turned 6 on Friday, Sept. 10th.  I can't believe he is actually 6 now.  Seems like time has flown by sooooooo quickly.  We had a family part on Friday night and Sam was on his best behavior and was very good at saying thank you and letting everyone know he appreciated the gifts.  I was really proud.

I also want to give a huge congradulations to Nina and Wes Mullins.  You can link to their blog on the right side of the page under my links.  They were given a referral from Ethiopia last Thursday.  To their surprise and the abundance of God's blessing, they are the parents of 2 1/2 month old twins.  One boy and one girl!  God is extravagant!  We will be praying that you will bring them home soon.

Have a great Sunday all!

More Summer Backlog

I told you that we went camping with some friends this summer in the last post.  I finally found a few pictures of that trip.  We went camping with Chun, Sarah and Daniel Ng.  They are from Australia and I got to womens Bible Study with Sarah.  Sarah wasn't so keen on camping, but she was a trooper and went anyway.  We had a good time, but woke up to rain.... so it ended a little early and a little wet.  However, they are our first friends here that actually attempted to camp with us.  So, thank you Ng family.  We had a really good time.  

This is Samuel and Daniel.  Daniel is exactly a year older than Sam, but they had a good time.  There is also the pic of Samuel, Chun and Daniel.  Unfortunately I don't have one of Sarah.  I will have to keep searching to see if I can find one.  

Summer is now over and we will not camp until next summer, but I have to say I already miss summer.  It was way to short this year.  So I am now trying to adjust to Fall.  Enjoy the pics.

Friday, September 03, 2010


One of our favorite things to do is camp out.  We were able to do this a couple of times this summer.  Once with friends (I'll have to find those pics) and then in August the boys stayed out a night alone (posted below, double post today, don't forget to scroll down) and I joined them for the second night.  Like always the beauty of the nature here is amazing.  One thing that I really like about camping is that inevitable around dawn I need to go to the bathroom.  As inconvenient as that seems, it gives me the quiet moments alone to appreciate the beginning of a new morning (not being a morning person, this doesn't happen so often).  I have seen some of the most beautiful and poignant images during these moments and it always reminds me of the amazing Creator that we have.  I am in awe at this creativity and the simple fact that he made it for us.  He is extravagant! I think the next images will help you understand my expression.  The last image is also one of God's amazing love to Andreas and I, of course it is Sam.  Andreas caught the photo right before we were leaving.  Sam was having a conversation with his favorite friend, Tiger.  It is an amazingly sweet moment and also one that reminds me that yes....our son is Calvin with his friend Hobbes!  


Father and Son Moments

Well, I have finally downloaded the 1000 pics on my camera.  It only took me about a month, not bad....! So I have a bit of a backlog on the pictures and I will try to get them up here.  Sorry it has been a while since the last post.  We have had the beginning of school for Sam and I and lots to do for the church.  It always gets so busy in the beginning and then inevitably I get sick.  I have been down this whole week with fever.  I sounded like a frog and had minor back surgery.  Not my most stellar week, but it was what it was.  I missed Farmor's 60th birthday party (well the family one at least). So Happy Belated Birthday mom.  I have slept like it is going out of style and my husband has been a trouper during this week.  Thanks babe!  

So now to the pictures.  This summer Andreas decided it was time to do a Father-Son camping night on the infamous Island of Sodor.  Sam seemed really excited about it until he realized I really wasn't going.  Sweet boy he made me feel really wanted.  However, we convinced him that I was going to be okay and he would have a great time with just Pappa.  So they went, did have a great time and I joined them the next day for another night of camping.  Sam made sure I was there for the second night.  The pics below are of my wonderful men canoing off into the great wilderness (not really they knew exactly where to go).