Sunday, August 17, 2008 they come

These pictures are not in a certain order, as will be obvious. First, this is a picture I took today. It is the first batch, or catch, or pick of a mushroom called "Kantarell". In Sweden mushroom picking in the forest is somewhat of a national sport. Each spot is kept a secret since the mushrooms come back year after year in the same spot. These are delicious to fry, salt, and put on a sandwich.

This is a lake I set out to find the other day...and did! It was beautiful and surrounded by tall pines and evergreens on top of a ridge. The water was pitch black and thus somewhat intimidating. I enjoyed the serenity and quietness and the cool swim. This is one of my favorite things about Sweden. Get a map, put on your boots, and hike out in search for new places.

This pictures is taken a couple of weeks ago, since these two are currently in the US. With the flotation vest and a "noodle" Sam is very couragous and follows mommy pretty far out into the lake. Maybe he'll be the next Phelps... This picture is taken in London, St. James's park. Laurie and I celebrated our 10th anniversary in London for an extended weekend, though this year is actually our 11th. This park and this "pose" had been on Laurie's wishlist ever since we left London last time. It was a great weekend getaway and we had a lot of fun, including dancing to "Mama mia" in the theatre (Laurie's dancing could actually pass for dancing...mine probably not).
Another picture from London showing off my wife's photographic skills.

Hope you enjoyed them!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

There's no sunshine when she's gone...

Dear friends,

Once again you are treated to a blog post by me, Andreas. The reason for this is that Laurie and Sam are in the US. Yep, it's me and the dog over here in Sweden. Laurie was offered to work for our dear friends the Karenbauers for two months taking care of their kids while their nanny heals from a broken foot. Of course, Sam went with her. So far, it's been a week and it's been a long one at that.

Laurie wanted me to post some pictures of what we have done this summer, though you have seen quite a few of them already. I will see what I can find on this computer:

Well, Blogger won't let me upload any pictures so I will have to get back on that one. Pray for us and for our safety now that we are apart.

Grace and peace,

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


To all,

Sorry it has been a while, several things have been happening that have slowed the posts. The biggest news is that Samuel and I (Laurie) are actually in the States for a while.

We will be in Kentucky until the 22 of September. I would really love to see everyone, but I will not be able to travel during my time here. So I think a trip to KY is in order for all of you!!! Hopefully Andreas will be able to join us for a week in the middle of September, but for now we are seperated. This is just temporary and Samuel and I will return to Sweden in September.

For now, my family is thrilled to have us home. Well, they are especially thrilled to have Samuel home (I'm okay with that). You can reach me at 859-533-2925 for the time I am home. Hope to hear from you all (ya'l) soon.