Sunday, April 14, 2013 turn!

Today was David's 5th birthday.  He has been asking for about 8 months when it was his turn to get a birthday.  He doesn't remember his 4th birthday or at least didn't understand enough to know it was a birthday.  

We picked David up in China a little after his third birthday.  He had received two major surgeries for his cleft lip/palate and could not manipulate his upper lip very well as well as his palate.  Even though he understood Mandarin, he could not speak it. As a three year old he had to get use to new food, new people, new country, show his independence, learn two languages and a million other things.  It is not surprising that when he turned 4, he still did not understand what a birthday was all about.  

He really started noticing that people had birthdays as he saw some of his friends receive gifts from us and have parties.  Then, last September, when Samuel had his 8th birthday the questions started to come.  ''When do I get a birthday?''  So it was then that the countdown began and this weekend came to fruition.  

Now David is, in many ways, the exact opposite to Samuel.  Where Samuel would eat up the attention, David struggled with being the center of it.  Hence the picture below when it was time for him to open presents...he hid.

I finally got him to take a picture with me and the gifts, but he still had a hard time looking at the camera and keeping his had off of his face.

However, my little shy guy loved having a birthday.  We celebrated with Farmor/far yesterday and had several cakes made for him from the church today....he really struggled with them singing to him.   So as his shyness grows stronger we are working out ways to help him enjoy the day and still hide in our chests when he needs too.  He will also have a kids birthday party later this week (5 is a big deal!)

So would you please leave a message saying happy birthday to my wonderful 5 year old.  I think he would appreciate it over the computer much more than singing to him in person.


Monday, April 08, 2013


As I finally get back on the computer, I wanted to share about family.  

As we all know, our family has been grown by adoption.  The Lord has blessed us with two wonderful boys who drive us crazy, keep us on our toes, and giggle and scream as much as possible.  It is amazing to me when I am reminded that our family doesn't look like others.  To me, it all looks just as it should.  

Those reminders come in the form of odd looks every once in a while, someone asking if these are my children, or one of the kids realizing something new about themselves or our family.  They don't necessarily take me off guard, but make me stop and think for a moment.  Normally, they make me smile as I can look at the person giving me that odd look and say an absolute ''YES'' these are my children, or explain how they are wonderfully made and came to be my children.  

But I have to admit that the times I actually get choked up about it is when I look at family pics and see just how much my children are loved by so many.  I was reminded again at Easter when we spent some time with Farmor and Farfar, Aunt and Uncle Kjernald and the cousins.  

The Lord has placed he does place the lonely in families.  

And I noticed Farmor introducing her grandchildren to someone...''YES...these are my grandkids''.  Two boys from two different lands with two different stories are now family, brothers, children, grandchildren, cousins, nephews.

This leads me to think of the family that God has made with ''brothers'' and ''sisters'' all around the world, from all walks of life.

Andreas told me that when we were in Nepal and the children were calling us Brother Eas and Sister La La, it was the first time that he actually felt like it meant something.  So often it is said in Christian circles, but do we really heed it?  Would we really treat that other person as family?

To be honest, I can think of many times that I have not, nor even considered doing so.  But if we are really looking at what Jesus has said and acted out, they are family.  Just as he sees me as a daughter of God and sister to Jesus...not to mention how hard that one is to grasp at times.

Jesus blessed us by placing two boys who don't ''look'' like us in our be full sons.  Not just some children that I take care of.  God also allowed me, someone I am sure doesn't ''look'' like him many days, to be a full daughter in His family.  Not just someone to take care of or put up with.  To Him it looks just as it should.




Three words that we hear quite a lot in Christian circles...but take another look.  Dig deeper, see what it means to you, see what it means to Jesus.  I know every time I revisit these words, and meet new people and listen to Jesus...they seem to take on new meaning.  Not a full new meaning, but building blocks that just keep stacking.

Just as my two amazing boys are loved by many and keep growing.


Monday, April 01, 2013

Glad Påsk!

First of all Glad Påsk or Happy Easter...and it really is HAPPY and JOYOUS!  

To think that the God of the universe loved us enough to come, walk, be, and experience normal life with us, to die an excruciating death...not because he couldn't get himself off that cross...but because he wanted to give us salvation.  Then to rise again and be ALIVE.  No folks our God is not dead, but fully alive and alert and wants to be involved in every detail of our lives.

Now that is HOPE!

That is our SALVATION!

That is a God who truly wants a relationship with US! (which still blows my mind)


He didn't stop there.  He continues to redeem and renew.  How much more I see that as so many once-orphaned children are placed in families, just as HE has room in his family for us. WE actually become sons and daughters of GOD!

As we have been placed in his family, can you help some that need to be placed in a family?
If you would like to help redeem some precious orphans that are waiting to be a part of a summer host program please link over too  Here you can learn how to be a summer host family and change the lives of one or more orphans forever (unfortunately, I believe this is only available in the United States)!

I pray that your Easter included this amazing, loving, and active God... not only included, but that He was at the center of it.