Monday, August 23, 2010

Italian pics (7th installment)

Here are the pictures of the Michelangelo library, otherwise known as the Laurentian Library. This was a surprise find for me. Andreas wanted to go and see the San Lorenzo Basilica because it was the Medici family church (in other words it had nothing to do with God and everything to do with power). I have to say the most interesting part of that Basilica was the library. Now don't get me wrong the church had many amazing pieces of art and a few sculptures by Michelangelo's teacher, but I really enjoyed the old books they had on display (works of art in themselves) and to stand in a room where not only did some of the greatest artists in the world come to learn, but one of the greatest artist created it and thought it through. Very cool, they just don't build things like that anymore.


Their cataloging system.

Andreas in the entrance. Michelangelo did finish the library because he was called to Rome. I cannot remember the name of the man who did finish it now. That could be something for you readers to look up ;) I really like the contrast between the stone of the entrance and the warm wood in the library.

One thing that I was amazed at was the fact the the ceiling, which was made of carved wood, mirrored the floor with was made of colored marble. Very talented !!!!!!

Unfortunately, the sides of the floor are covered with carpet so the tourists don't dirty the floor (like that silly Swedish tourist in the picture). But you can still see the center of the mirrored ceiling in the floor. Also the benches make desks, so you can see that many people could study there at the same time.
The contemplative Swede.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Italian pics (6th installment)

This is just a taste of Florence. It is an amazing city for art and I wish I could have gone to tons of art museums. However, we were able to go the Uffizi Galleri (which is mainly Renaissance art from the Medici family collection), the galeria de academica (where the original David stands) if you even get there, go and see it. It was a dream come true for me. (thanks Eas)

Michelangelo library (which is in the San Lorenzo Church and will be seen on the next post)
is well worth seeing and we of course saw the Basilica di Santa Marian del Fiore. This is the main
Cathedral in Florence and the most ornate outside of a church that you can imagine. Which made it pretty
funny that the inside was rather simple. There was so much on the outside of the church it was impossible to
take it all in. I will let the pictures tell you what I saw. I have to say I didn't care for the city much, it was full of
people like me (tourists) and it was graffitied everywhere (very sad). But I love the history and the art.

Samuel inside the Basilica lighting a candle and praying for his sister. It made me cry.

Another cathedral as seen from the top of the Duomo.

The Belltower for the Basilica taken from the top of the Duomo.

From the cafe on top of the Uffizi Gallery.

(below, the description, which is better than I could do myself is taken from the net
The Rape of the Sabine Women (1579?1583) is a sculpture by Giambologna. It depicts three figures (a man lifting a woman into the air while a second man crouches) and was carved from a single block of marble. Originally intended as nothing more than a demonstration of the artist's ability to create a complex sculptural group, its subject matter, the mythical rape of the Sabines, had to be invented after Francesco de' Medici, the Grand Duke of Florence decreed that it be put on public display in the Loggia dei Lanzi on Piazza della Signoria. True tomannerist overstylized and often, overinclusive, efforts, the statue is a dynamic panoply of emotions, poses, and viewpoints. When contrasted with either the serene single-viewpoint statuary of the nearby David of Michelangelo (finished nearly 80 years before), this statue shows the infusing tenor of motion that leads towards Baroque, but the tight, uncomfortable, verticality imposed by the author's virtuous self-restriction to a single virgin block, lacks the dynamic diagonality that a sculptor like Bernini will achieve forty years later with the Rape of Proserpine and Apollo and Daphne, both at the Galleria Borghese.

This one is a copy that stands where the original was from the start. The original had to be moved because of vandalism and fear of decay. I also was able to see the original in the galeria de academica It is well worth it to go. It is a truly amazing piece of art.

The Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Florence Italy

The Basilica from a viewpoint.

A Time of Firsts

Hello All,

I am having a bit of a hard time downloading all of my summer pics. To be honest I don't have enough space and we will need to find a quick solution for that one. Until I can get the rest of the pictures downloaded I have taken a few I would like to show you. On August 11th Samuel lost his first tooth (see pic below). He looks awfully cute with a tooth missing. He was very proud of himself and kept trying to show daddy how loose it was just to gross him out. We proceeded to stick the tooth in a bowl and put it in the refridgerator. In the morning it was a coin (5 Kronor to be exact). For all those wondering, no we don't do the the toothfairy. He knows that mommy and pappa gave it to him. However, he asked if he could give it back so I would get him a large lego set. Had to explain that wasn't how it worked. However, it was a good try.

Then on the 19th of August Samuel started Kindergarden. For those of you in the know, yes he actually started last January, but now he is with his class and not the older children. I think that it was a good move to give him a headstart. He is really excited to be back in school and has the same teacher that he loved last year. He has also come home and told me that he is in love with an 11 year old. Doesn't 5 years old seem a little too young for comments like that? We have had 2 full days of school and Samuel is truly excited that we have ridden our bikes to school both days. He feels like such a big boy. He asked me to go alone, but that will not be happening for a long time. I believe he is 5 going on 15. In other words please pray for my patience!


Samuel's cubby.
Samuel doing his first activity in class.

Samuel, well....being Samuel.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Random Summer Pics

Even though I have about 1000 pictures to download from the end of our summer I needed to get a few random ones up that I had told some people about. Hopefully those 1000 will not blow up my computer as I download them. We will move back into Alingsas tomorrow or Wednesday. This Thursday Samuel will start school and today Andreas started both his jobs. Back to the salt mines. I will start Swedish lessons soon. No decision on our part about the adoption. We are praying and weighing things to try to come up with a good answer. Please pray for us on that one.

I am so excited to watch the Waggoners bring home their new son from Albania (less than a week and he home) and the Kinnells have both of their boys home from Ethiopia! Praise Jesus there are now 3 less orphans in the world and families united to live out their lives for Jesus. You can visit both of the blogs if you go down to my links. It is very encouraging to see this happen.


Samuel has started to not give me smiles all the time for pictures.... he is such a little teenager!

Mom and dad reliving their past in Tinnsjon. I think they had a ton of fun.

I really put this pic up for dad! She is a good looking woman!

On one of the many rainy days this summer we took Sam to an indoor playground. It was a riot to see him drive these moon cars. He did great and loved it.

Last year when we were here he refused to do this slide (can't say I blame him). This year he did it all by himself.

I love this pic because he is giving me a genuine hug and a genuine smile. What a beautiful boy he is. He has my heart!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Ocean House Fun

Every summer we really enjoy going to the house outside of Grebbestad. Andreas' parents spend 5 weeks there every summer and we join them for some of it. We were there some in July and will go back next week with some friends. This area of Sweden has had more than it's share of rain and clouds last summer and this summer, but we did get one gorgeous day with mom and dad. Samuel also got to spend sometime alone with his grandparents (which he adores because he is the total center of attention). When Sweden is sunny and nice it can be the most beautiful place on earth. We haven't gotten a ton of great days, but we praise Jesus for what we have gotten.

I also wanted to say congrats to my friends the Waggoners on getting to bring there new son home from Albania this month. Please pray that all goes smoothly and Reni will be healthy as an ox. Also pray with me that the time spent apart will go quickly. We also have friends headed for Ethiopia to pick up there two sons. Please pray for their transition into the Kinnell family and their safety as they travel. Praising Jesus for both families and their new children. That is 3 less orphans in the world (together those families represent 6 less orphans in the world... God is amazing).

Enjoy the pics below.


The water was a bit cold.

This is dad's movie star pose!

Amazing sunset.

Mom and dad always make each other laugh, it is so fun to watch them.

Caught in the act of having fun.

Seafood dinner on Samuel's island

Monday, August 02, 2010

Ottos Fun

I haven't shown much of what we are doing this summer, but it has been packed. One of the main things we are doing is working on our summer house (Ottos). This summer it has officially become our house. Andreas' mom and dad have given it to us. We are very thankful for it. However, with a house, we all know comes work! So this summer we are getting rid of bad wood and repainting it all. We will change some windows and maybe some doors, add a wood burning stove and generally make things look nice. Next summer will be the roof and more windows. I am sure that post will be up in a year. We have been to the lakes and the ocean, but there will be more posts to come. Enjoy the pics below.



Friends have come to see us and spend time with us.

and more Bonfires!

Farmor and Farfar have come to visit.

We have been put in jail by spiderman.

Gotten a chance to read a little.

Have seen beautiful sunsets.

Painted, painted and painted again.

Johan, Emma, and Viktor have come to help and play.

Love this pic of Viktor, so cute.

New wood on the south side of the house.

Spent sometime with the Lord and listened to many sermons from our home church in the States.

This was the tearing down part.