Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The New Batman

I was given an old Batman movie by a friend. You know the one that has the "real" men in tights with the cartoon sound effects (kazowie, bang, boom). So we let Samuel watch it the other day. Pretty funny actually, but Sam still didn't understand most of it, only we really got the humor. May I say that the Batman of today sure is different and the special effects have come a long way. However, Sam decide to dress up and be Batman for us. We heard his closet door open and the pictures below are the end result. Needless to say, the streets of Alingsas, Sweden are safer tonight, I definitely feel safer, how about you..... Golly Gee Batman....

Who is Taller?

Sometimes Andreas and I talk about how small Samuel will be when he is older. To tell the truth most of the time I don't notice that he is small. I think he is growing like a weed all the time, at least that is what his clothes tell me. However, there are times that we realize he is short. What can we say, he's Nepali! Not known for their large stature, but their amazing good looks and charming personalities (so says his mother). Sam has a good friend from Australia, Toby. I think I have featured him before. The other day, Toby's mom caught a few good pics of them measuring up to one another. Now, I know what you are saying... Samuel is taller than Toby, by just a hair. So let me shed a little light on this for a good prospective... Toby is more than a year younger than Samuel...

He will always have his amazing personality, dashing good looks, and hopefully a well intact self-esteem! I couldn't imagine a better kids for us. Praise God for such a blessing.

Somehow this pictures gives me a glimpse into his teenage years.
I think we might have some tippy toe action going on there!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Great Darkness

For all of you who don't know, this is the time in Sweden I refer to as "The Great Darkness". I don't know anyone (Swede included) who truly likes this time. My husband likes it a little (he has that melancholy Swede in him), however we need the sun. Only when I moved here did I understand why some cultures worshipped the sun (don't worry I haven't started sun worship). It has been a grey, dark Fall. The Sun rises around 7:30 or so in the morning and is down by 4:30. Doesn't sound so bad. Unfortunately, you don't actually get to see the sun during those hours. The grey clouds and the incessant rain take care of that one. I don't really feel like I wake up in the day. I think it is effecting Samuel also. He has been so cranky. So we turn on lots of lights in the house and try to make the best of it.

The picture below is of this past Sunday. The sun did shine through for about 15 minutes and I stood outside facing it and praising God for it the whole time. Believe it or not it made a huge difference in my mood that day. God, please help me get through the rest of "The Great Darkness".

Swedish Father's Day

On November 8th we celebrated Swedish Father's Day. Well, that is not entirely true. November 8th was an incredibly busy Sunday so we celebrated a couple days later. Andreas received his favorite meal and a lot of hype from Samuel. The pictures below say everything. Samuel was so excited to celebrate pappa. He kept reminding me all day that we were celebrating him at dinner. So thanks for being a great pappa Andreas!

Warning: The pictures below may make anyone who does not like seafood a little sick (mainly Heidi and William Spencer).

All Saints Day

One thing that I love about Europe is their celebration of All Saints Day. I had always heard of it in the States, but never as a celebration. Here in Sweden we have a special Saturday Service and at night we all go to the graves of our loved ones and put candles and wreaths on them. This is to remember what a wonderful contribution they made in our lives. It really is a beautiful thing (however the pictures did not reflect that, I don't really know how to do good night shots with my camera). I love going to the graves and seeing all the candles lit and the people remembering their loved ones that have passed into eternity. I look forward to going to the cemetary on this night. I also remember my loved ones that were such a great witness to how my life should be.

Thanks Grandma Traina for your incredible example of what a Godly woman should look like. I miss you and look forward to being with you in heaven!

Enjoy the relatively poor pics below.

Friday, November 06, 2009


Okay, funny story from our constant comedian Samuel. While I was in the States I stopped by Asbury's bookstore and bought some t-shirts that say ''Asbury College''. Wanted to get some before it turns into Asbury University.

Well, Samuel is very into trying to read letters and what all of our shirts say. The other night I am sitting in the family room while Andreas and Samuel are getting ready for bed in our bedroom. Samuel asks Andreas what his shirt says. Like a good pappa, he spelled the whole thing out and told him exactly what it said phonetically. The next thing I hear is my son walking around the apartment saying... Ass-berry... Ass-berry... ASS-BERRY... ASS-BERRY... Yes, I know it is a bit childish, but Andreas and I broke, and starting laughing our ''ass-berries'' off. That made Sam just keep saying it while getting louder (even though he wasn't sure what we were laughing at). Eventually we were able to stop him and get him to bed. As of yet I haven't heard ass-berry out of his mouth, but I am sure when Andreas puts that shirt on we will hear it again. Let us hope it is at a time when it is just us in the house!

Disclaimer: For those of you who went to Asbury or work there, I mean no disrespect, Samuel has no idea what he was really saying. I do love Asbury and had a wonderful experience there. (thought I better put that in).