Wednesday, October 31, 2012

In Awe

How can I even begin to understand the depth and height and breadth and width of God's workings.  The honest truth is I cannot.  However, there are times in our lives that we get to see glimpses of them.


There are so many days the I have failed or neglected my relationship with Christ and I have not known that He is with me.  Then there are those defining moments when you know that you are His child.


There are days when the problems of this world push me down and distract me from the praise the He is due.  Then there are times that all I want to do is sing and cry in joy to the ONE that saves us.


Why today you ask?  My answer is simply this...before I knew what would happen...God was working.  Before I could put together one prayer or idea for this passion He has placed in me...God was changing others hearts.   Before I almost lost my vision...God was raising up others to pray, push and revive.  (I am positive he is the best multi-tasker EVER)

He wasn't doing this because I am worthy, but because of his strong passion for the orphans of this world.  He doesn't even really need me, but he asks me to come along and allow him to use my hands and feet.  Why, because he has placed me in his family...he did not leave me as an orphan.  Why, because he placed two precious boys in our family that needed to know the love of their Savior and the love of a family.  Why, because there are millions of other children that need to know His love, His salvation, His safety...but before they can even take these in they need food, water, and shelter.

Today the answer came from the Methodist Church in Nepal.
Andreas emailed the head of the church in Nepal to see if they wanted to partner with us in our dream.  The answer to my husbands email was:
''Answer to 10 years of prayer''

They have been prayer for 10 years to be able to help the many needy children that come into the churches, but they didn't have the resources.  They have been praying to for someone to partner with them, but they didn't know who.  I don't know about you guys, but when God opens up a bigger picture and you realize that he has been using you in that picture, it is pretty awe inspiring, humbling, and down right amazing.  For so many years this passion and dream has been one sided.  Me, my husband, my in-laws, a group of amazing women praying, but it has never seemed to extend farther than that.  That is to say that I could never see the extension.

However, TODAY IS ONE OF THOSE DAYS where I can finally see some of the greater plan that God is (has been) putting in place.  I always referred to it as my dream or passion, but the truth is it was always HIS dream and passion.

So today is a day of PRAISE and GLORY to the ONLY ONE who is worthy of all of it.  I will praise him in advance for the work that he is always faithful with.  Will you praise with me?  Will you let HIM show you the plans that he has been putting in place around you?  Will you let him show you a passion?  I pray you will.

We have bought our tickets to Nepal now.  On February 14, 2013...Andreas and I will take the first trip of a lifetime adventure with God.  We will be looking for a place to set up the orphanage and I will be making more contacts to see if we can set up a school also.

As you are praising, please pray with us also.  We are well aware of our human limitations, but don't want any of them to hinder the work the Lord has for Nepal and the precious children there.  We are on a high mountain top experience right now, but we must stay faithful through the vallies and the mundane details.

Thank you Christ that you love the orphan so much to allow us to be a small part of your huge plan!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Family Friday

On Friday night we decided to have a paper mache night.  So we all got our creativity on and went to work.  Our method (taught to me by my friend Marie L.) is form something with aluminum foil and then cover it with the paper soaked in flour glue.  So the boys had a blast tearing the paper and playing with foil and then topping it off with gooey stuff!  

Samuel did a Rocket and Mars, David did a mushroom (because I did), daddy thought he would get creative and try to form the new Nokia windows phone (such a boy).  

He looks a bit drunk here, but I can assure you he is not, let the creative juices flow. 

I will try to get a picture up when we get them painted.  Maybe that is next Family Friday!


Seasonal Chores

Yes, I am sure you all believe I live a life of glamor. One of the many glamorous things that I get to do are season chores.  Tonights spectacular was brushing the dog....did I hear a gasp of jealousy....I think not.  We have a golden retriever and twice a year he sheds his coat, so I get the wondrous responsibility to brush him...(I think Sam might be old enough to take this one on...but will Kelty let him?) After about an hour of brushing (mind you this is just the first brushing) we now have another dog...this one I don't have to take for a walk.  

So as Kelty thoroughly enjoyed himself, I now need to go and shower, and cough up a hairball....excuse me!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Romania and Adoptions

I can't believe it but Romania is actually opening a small loop hole for international adoptions.  For those of you who don't know the fact the Romania is at all opening to any sort of adoptions is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!

For many years Romania has been outspoken against international adoption and flat out calling it ''child trafficking''.  They have moved to ban international adoption...well forever, many times.  I believe it was in the 90's that there was a huge international outcry about the conditions of Romanian orphanages and the squaller that the children live in, but have been told by missionary friends that things did get better (not first hand knowledge from me).

Here is the overview of the Romanian adoption program as seen on

The Romania adoption program is very small, and a program that is open ONLY to couples and single women who hold both US and Romanian citizenship. At this time there are no exceptions to this requirement. 

Children Available : Only children 3 years and older and sibling groups are referred for adoption. These children are on a database with the Romanian Office of Adoptions. There are no "waiting children" in this program. By that we mean that no adoption agencies have information on specific children that are available. Instead, the Romanian Office of Adoptions makes a match between prospective adoptive families and the children within their database. Families wishing to adopt through this program must complete all paperwork within the USA, and wait for the referral of a child.

Parent Qualifications: Romania requires families wishing to adopt to hold both Romanian citizenship and US Citizenship. There is flexibility in in the age of parents and the number of children currently being parented in the home. Single women and couples (only one must hold dual citizenship) may adopt. 

Travel: Both parents must travel and stay in Romania for a minimum of 30 days and appear in court. During the 30 days of placement of the child with the adoptive family in Romania, social workers from the local social services will visit and make reports for the court. A final decision will be issued after approximately 10 days to 2 weeks. At that time, the family could go home and come back in approximately 2 weeks, or stay until the paperwork (including new birth certificate, passport for the child and US Embassy appointment for the Visa is finished. Total of 60 days needed for the entire process 

Timeline: Unknown at this time.

From my understanding the law reads that Romanian citizens who ''habitually live abroad'' can adopt.  Which means if one of the adults in the family holds citizenship...whether in the US or Europe or Tinbucktwo can adopt.   If you are such a family or you know of a family such as this, please encourage or consider adopting one (or more) of Romania's estimated 84,000 orphan treasures.  Every child needs a forever family, every child needs to know the security of parents that love them.  You don't have to be perfect (otherwise I would not have been able to adopt), you just have to be willing and open to these precious children.


Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Hello Blogland, 
It has been about a month since I have written anything and I am getting on the computer to post before I get the dishes done, and fold the million clothes I have on my bed, and build a fire in the fire place, and walk the dog, and...and...and....

The reason I am doing this post before all those other things is that by the time I get those things done all I want to do is sit and vegetate or go to bed myself.  I have been quite exhausted and not really willing to get on the computer, but that also fills me with guilt.  I miss reading how all of you are doing and so I am here now.

We are still adjusting to ''the Great White North''.  However, it is not quite white yet.  It is getting noticeably colder though and we will see some minus signs soon on our thermometers.  Norway really is a beautiful country and anyone is welcome if they would like to come visit!

My life has mainly revolved around the house and the kids.  I organize and try to empty boxes still (along with all the other housework we all have to do).  I am taking David to an open preschool every Tuesday and Thursday (this is helping him learn to play more with other children and let him hear Norwegian being spoken), Andreas and I are constantly working with Sam and homework...I know it might sound ridiculous to moms and dads in the U.S., but in Sweden Sam received homework once a week and here everyday.  I actually think it is a really good thing for Sam, but it is definitely different and we are stepping it up to help.   

Sam and David are still in the adjustment mode also.  Sam starts reminiscing about his friends in Sweden and decides he doesn't like it here.  So we are reminding him that he really does like it here (which he does), he just misses his friends in Sweden.  David still says, '' I want to go home''.  So we go into our comforting mode and telling him why this is home now.  Poor kid needs to stay put for awhile to really get the stability in place.  I don't really recommend moving a year after you adopt a child, but I promise we are working with him and trying to teach him that home is where his family is, and we are his family forever! On the whole I think the kids are doing really well.

David is really getting into dressing himself and finally using the toilet and not the diaper for number 2 (I am really happy about that has not been easy to get rid of the diaper for this little guy).  He keeps telling me how big he is and I am really proud of him (not to mention that I bribe him with candy if he poops on the toilet...hey don't knock works).  The other morning he came downstairs in the outfit I captured below.

Yes, he is wearing orange capris with a red polo top and finished it off with a lambswool vest.  I wish I would have taken the pic when it was all backwards and inside out, but you'll have to use your imagination for that.  He was really proud of himself for this this is what he had all day.  I am sure the folks around here think I am color blind.

I have to admit that I have felt quite worn down lately and it was obviously showing because my wonderful husband sent me on a bus back to Sweden last week.  Just for a couple of days...but it was good to get away and relax with my friends.  I called it Mommy on the run (it was amazing how many of my girlfriends connected with that) So if you are a mom and feeling worn are not alone and I am praying for those that I know...if you would like to be added to the list, just let me know.

It was really great to be with my friends and just be...I really do praise Jesus for this amazing husband that he gave me. Do we always see eye to eye...NO, do we annoy each other every once in a while...YES, but one thing that we have always done in our marriage is to remember to be thankful for the other.  I can't even begin to express how much my marriage to Eas has taught me about God and myself.  We have been married for 15 1/2 years now and I love spending every minute I can with him.  He is one amazing and handsome man.

Speaking of blessings, the other day we received a blessing from God in the form or a rainbow.  I was quite tired that day and really needed something...not that I knew what....  We had been having storms all day and then suddenly in late afternoon the sun shone brightly through the back of my house. I didn't think much of it until I walked into the kitchen to start dinner and out the window saw the pics below...

I just love it when see tangible things that remind us that God is still there...even through the mundane.  What a great way to provide a promise signal!

Then last but not least for this post is the Church hike we took two Sundays ago.  Several families in the congregation took 3.5 kilometer hike up to the highest point in Ostfold...we means Eastfold (yes, it sounds like we live in a Lord of the Rings book).  Once we reached the summit there was an amazing view.  We ate lunch, Eas did a quick sermonette and then we hiked back down.  I really enjoyed myself...although it was quite cold for me.  I wish I had a picture of myself, but since I had the camera it didn't happen.

The view from the top of Linne Kleppen.
It was a wet hike, but I had Wellies on and had the dog on a long leash.  I didn't expect on a path that there would be anything dangerous.  It all looked fairly typical with rock, roots and puddles.  However, one puddle that I decide to step into swallowed my whole right let and half of my left.  I never did hit the bottom, but caught myself before the rest of me went in.  It could have literally swallowed one of our children!  So that is why I was a bit cold and wet, but hey, at least everyone else knew not to step there!

This big tower is at the top.  In the summer someone is actually paid to live up at the top and watch for forest fires. What a job...not sure I would want it, but it seems to be a good early warning system.  
Since we are in Norway and Scandinavia has a lot of troll stories....there was a stone troll family at the top. Above you see the mom and the child in the back left.  
This would be the dad troll.  The funny think is that it no longer surprised me that there would be weird funny troll statues in the middle of now where.  Guess I really have assimilated to Scandinavia.  
Here is my husband giving the sermonette...first time with our dog.  Not sure what Sam is doing in the background.  
Sam adding to the sermonette. 
David and his favorite girl Kaisa. He loves her and is constantly telling me so.  And when he wants me to hold him and I cannot he tells me the Kaisa carries him (thanks a lot kid).  

Quite a few of the group.

Overall, it was a lot a fun and great to do with our church family.

Honestly, this is just some of my backlog...but I have to get other things done tonight, so this is what I am sticking with at the moment.  Still working on our first trip to Nepal to set up the beginning of what will hopefully become an orphanage and school.  This has begun me on a deeper journey in my devotion and prayer life that has really been great. Praise Jesus that he has removed most of my fear and it slowly moving me forward to take this huge leap of faith.

All of this has also started my desire to adopt again and work in orphan care again.....but that is a whole different post (actually several different posts).

For my family and friend, I pray you are doing well.  I miss you more than you know, but I am doing well.