Saturday, October 29, 2011

Crazy Signs...part II

This one made me laugh out loud.  Okay, so you give the bathroom a star rating.  So, of course, I had to try it... let's just say I am not so sure about the 4 stars.  Maybe a 2...maybe.  Considering there were no other star rated toilets, that we saw or that our guide knew about, it made me wonder about the basis of the Beijing Tourism Administrations.  Things that make you go hmmmmm.  

No explanation needed.

Many of you may wonder why I added this one.  (please ready the history on Mao).  This would be like putting a picture of Hitler in a prominent place in Berlin.  While we were in Ch*na I asked so many questions to our guides about Mao, history, different events, why people still worship this get the point.  Andreas really thought we were going to get in trouble, but I really wanted to know.  It helps me understand a culture more and how they think.  Needless to say, we were still allowed to adopt David and nothing bad befell us.  (very appreciative of that).  

Friday, October 28, 2011

Funny Signs From Ch*na...part 1

While in Ch*na we very quickly began to see signs that frankly made us laugh.  I know that every country has them, but it seems that you can pick them out more easily when you are traveling.  So here is the first part of my funny signs from Ch*na.  

We saw this at a gas station.  Translation: if you happen to have dynamite on you, you are not allowed to light it at this gas station.  This made me wonder how many people where walking around with dynamite?  

I really need one of these!

This is a new one! Why specifically brain disease?  

So they say no climbing, but did they see the flight of stairs in front of us!  (For those of you who were wondering, it meant not to climb on that particular wall, but it seemed funny non the less).

Stay tuned there is more where that came from.

For those of you wondering how we are doing, my answer is please pray.  Samuel is really struggling with jealousy and a lack of patience for a David.  Not easy, not fun but the souls of my sons are so worth it!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Good Memory

This video was done when Sam was three years old.  We are at my Aunt Judy and Uncle Marty's house in Wilmore, Kentucky.  Uncle Marty is a counselor and teacher of psychology and he is trying to do relaxation therapy with Sam.  I love the fact that you can hear my Aunt laughing in the background, she has a great laugh.  Miss you guys!  

Enjoy the memory with me.  


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Old Videos

While looking though our backup we found some old videos of Sam.  I will post this one tonight, it is by far one of my favorite.  I could watch this one a million times.  He is 2 years old in this video and we were living in Tupelo, Mississippi.  Andreas was still in seminary and I was working for New Beginnings Adoption agency there.  If you are having a hard time understanding what Sam says, think ''Jesus loves me''.  Andreas starts in Swedish, but the rest is in English.  Enjoy!


p.s. Today is 5 months since David walked into that little office in Urumqi, China and his life changed drastically.  Wow, time flies!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Helping Orphans with Nutrition

I have posted about the Spoon Foundation before and if you haven't checked them out yet, you should.  Their mission is to help orphans around the world receive better nutrition and supplements.  Right now you can go to  print out a coupon for YoBaby yogurt.  For every coupon printed they receive a dollar to help with orphan nutrition.  You can only print the coupon once and they can get up to 3000 prints.  So please go and print away!


Monday, October 10, 2011


Mr. Bear (yes, I know I am a genius at coming up with perfect names) is missing.  This little bear is the first stuffed fuzzy thing that David took a liking to.  All the other stuffed toys he was really scared of.  The cool thing about this bear is that he was the one that we sent to China for David's 3rd birthday.  Even though I am pretty sure he had never actually seen the bear in China, we got it back in his backpack of things and about 3 months after coming home David took a liking to him.  Mr. Bear has been his constant companion since.  At some point this past Saturday he came up missing and I am at a total loss as to where he is.  David has asked for him a couple of times, but doesn't show much emotion about it.  However, in my experience with David he doesn't actually show you how much he misses things until they show up again.  I would really like to find Mr. Bear because I would like David to learn permanency of things and this is a special thing.  

This may seem really silly to some (considering people starving, children being sold into slavery and the growing number of orphans in this world), but I know that Jesus knows where Mr. Bear is, so please say a little prayer that we will be shown where he is.  I know that Jesus cares, even about David's attachment to this little bear.  (Don't forget to pray for the things in the other brackets too).  


P.S.  If someone in Alingsas finds him you can call me at 0763402801.  Mr. Bear has David's name written in Chinese on the tag.  Thanks.

Just Being Together

Just spending time being a family, bonding, being crazy and loving each other.  Andreas is in full swing with being a pastor and with the second hand store.  Samuel is in school, English class, and gymnastics, David is home with me learning to be a kid and loving it, and I am...well tired!  But we are all happy and looking forward to the next step the Lord has for us (details to come in the distant future) ;).    


Mowing the lawn with daddy

David still doesn't smile on que, but Samuel has it down!

A bit fuzzy, but it was ''pile on pappa'' time!