Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Historic Day

I had to write that title because the news is constantly refering to Obama, but this is a historic day in the Kjernald family. Today we found out that we are officially accepted into the Nepal adoption program here in Sweden. Praise Jesus!!!!!! We will now be one of 10 dossiers sent to Nepal from this agency. They will send us the paperwork and we (well mainly me, due to the fact that Andreas has three jobs) will work on our dossier. The agency said if we work on the paperwork diligently, we can have it done in three weeks. So that is what it will be if I have a choice. The only difference might be that I have to get things from the States. Then the dossier will be off to Nepal immediately. This is so exciting because usually you have to wait in line here in Sweden for a long time before you get into your program, but Nepal being new there is no waiting!!! Thank you Jesus.

Once the paperwork/dossier is in Nepal we will be waiting for the ministry to give us a referral (a picture of a child). So please pray as we wait patiently for that. We also found out that the program is a bit more expensive than the other one that we were looking at. So please pray that the money will be in our account when needed. I trust the Lord whole heartedly with this. In 2005 the day that we found out we could go and get Samuel we were thrilled, but also looking at $10,000 worth of debt. However, that was also the day that we were generously given a little over $10,000. We will never forget how the Lord seemed to move everything so that Samuel could come home. I pray that those lessons will always keep me grateful and trusting in Him.

Andreas is doing well. His jobs keep him pretty busy, but we have this weekend off together. Time to relax and just be a family. This is also the weekend that we worship together in English at an International church in Goteborg. I look forward to these weekends.

I have a special prayer request for all. A good friend, Shawn Taylor, will be traveling to India on a medical mission trip (Shawn is a pediatrician). Please pray for their healthy, safety and ministry there. It is an amazing opportunity to share the love of Christ with a lot of children and adults. I would appreciate that.

I would love to hear from some of you to see what is going on in your lives. You are all in my prayers.


This is a panoramic of Kathmandu from when Andreas and I were there picking Samuel up. I can not wait to be there again!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nepal Adoptions

Nepal is officially opened!!!! Praise Jesus!!! Yes, the Nepal adoptions are officially opened and running. Meanwhile Andreas and I are still waiting to hear if our Swedish agency will allow us to be a test family for their Nepal program. This is a bit of a frustration for me, but I am trying to be patient and not measure the Swedish program up to the American programs. Things work differently here (slower, but cheaper). So please pray for me as I wait. I try to remember what it was like to be a worker and have families call and be impatient all the time. It is totally understandable, but I am trying to be good.

On an absolutely great note, the agency that I use to work for, New Beginnings, is up and running with the Nepal program that I was privileged to help set up before I left the States. If anyone is interested the link is below to New Beginnings website.

I have received several messages from people starting to adopt from Nepal again and I am so thankful for their passion for these children. God bless you all. I will be praying for you each as you leave messages on my blog.

Along with that I will try to be more faithful about my posts. I haven't been very good for about 6 months now. Sorry for those who faithfully follow.

Samuel is doing wonderfully. He has started back to pre-school, which is good. He was getting bored at home. Which means that he was getting frustrated with me after a month. We did really well until the last week. It is hard to realize that your children need more than just you and it becomes one of those many times that you must release your child a little. I have had many of those moments as he gets older and more independent.

Needless to say we miss you all. Samuel still remembers all his friends and family and we talk about you often. May God be the center of all this year for you and may the many children that are being adopted be brought home this year.