Saturday, May 29, 2010


Last weekend we had wonderful weather on Saturday. We began the day by going to our friends house. Our friends, Kunal and Åsa with their two kids, Nikhil and Naomi are also an international couple and wonderful friends who have made living here much easier. They are Christians with the same values as we have. We have really enjoyed spending time with this family and we believe that Samuel may one day marry Naomi.... well at least he says that now. After our wonderful American like brunch we packed up to go fishing. Åsa's extended family has a lot of land that they keep cows on. So it was quite the adventure. I am very thankful we did not run into any bulls! (Andreas' advice if there was a bull was run! Thanks for the advice honey. I think I would have run faster than I ever thought possible while toting a kid and a dog)

We finally came to a stream, after getting one car stuck, walking through a couple of cow pastures bordered by electrical fencing, and managing to get the dog not to go after the young cows that were very curious of us. I think the most stressful part was trying to make sure Sam did not grab the electric fencing. However, we were all still alive when we got to the stream. It wasn't long before Kunal had the first catch of the day (picture below). After that is was quite slow for a while, then I caught the second and last catch of the day. Of course the kids started to get bored and found their own entertainment (pictures below). However, this was Sam's first time with his own fishing rod and he was very cute.

Overall a wonderful day! We had Åsa's dad come with the tractor to pull the car out. We made it past the cows again. No one was electricuted that day and I actually got somewhat of a tan (bonus). Then we went back to our friend's house and cooked up the pike. Lots of small bones, but overall very tasty (the kids had spaghetti). Thanks for the great weekend friends. You are a blessing to us (and may be in-laws someday!)


Simply adorable!

Sorry Kunal, had to include this one!

Kunal's catch
The dog would love to get a hold of that catch!
Checking out the catch and getting up enough courage to touch it!

Samuel acting like it is more of a gun than a fishing rod (I think it's a boy thing)

When the kids became bored, they found their own entertainment..... it was quite messy, but a ton of fun. Sorry all the kids aren't in the picture after they were fully muddy, but for decency sake that wasn't available.

I love him in those jeanbibs. They use to belong to Andreas when he was a kid. Samuel looks so cute here. Looking like a pro.

So goofy.

More mud.

Be careful with this picture, my whiteness may blind you. However, I am showing off my catch of the day.

Look ma! (notice how far the kids are standing from him... they were a little unsure of the fish. Pike are not that nice, so it was probably a good idea.)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Klass Bollen (class ball)

Samuel played his first class ball in soccer this past weekend. He has no idea waht to do but he had a lot of fun and then was sooooooo excited that his team won. It was really sweet. As you look at this picture remember that he is a year younger than all of these kids. The girl in front towers over him. Pretty cute. I love this little boy.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Just Pictures

Sorry for the long time between posts, life has been busy. Just wanted to put up some pics that I have downloaded. Hopefully this weekend I can get the rest downloaded and put up pictures of my husband ordination. Yes, you read that right... last weekend we all went to a city called Örebro and watched Andreas get ordained, or as Sam likes to say, "he became a REAL pastor now". I am very proud of my husband and thankful for who he is. He is an amazing blessing to me (and I believe incredibly handsome).

A bunch of us getting together for a sunny (yet cold) barbeque. Notice the boy behind us in the window. We should have expected that one.

This is Samuel's friend Johannes. Funny how we gravitate towards people that are like us, even when we are young. Johannes is a sweet boy and these two have fun (and get in trouble) together.

Favorite lake, Tinnsjön

I love the blueberry soup smile on this one. He almost looks like the Joker. For those of you who don't know what blueberry soup is, your missing out. Very good and very good for you!
It makes a great warm drink for Sam and he will down it in an instant.

No news on adoption. Still praying, still waiting, still seeking, still riding the rollercoaster. Thank you to all of you that are praying for us. For those getting their children, I am praying for safety and a quick return. For those who are waiting for matches, I am praying patience and endurance. For those who are seeking, I am praying for answers. Jesus will meet you where you need him too. Still rooting for you all.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Work and Fun Weekend

Two weekends ago we went up to the ocean house to help mom and dad wallpaper, paint, and lay flooring. It was a nice get away from the norm and fun to work and see results. Of course Samuel loved being there and cried extremely hard when we left. On the Saturday we were there I snapped a few pics while on a short walk. It is still cold and the wind was really cold, but we enjoyed the sun. Enjoy the pics below.


Thursday, May 06, 2010

A Deeply Felt Thank You

Hello All,

I know that I have been silent for a while. I needed time to process what is going on, or not going on with the adoption. I would like to thank all of you that have written to encourage me. I don't know many of you, but I deeply appreciate your words of encouragement and the scripture that you have shared. Heather R. your prayers continue to encourage me. Mamaof4Boys, thank you for sharing with a sister across the ocean. There are so many more. I have never seen the body of Christ more clearly than now.

In the post I made about the loss of our adoption, I wondered what the big picture was. If any of you have seen the news on Nepal lately than you are seeing the big picture with me. Nepal seems to be imploding. I have been grieving for the hurting people of Nepal and all that this strike will do to the people and especially the children. Please pray for Nepal right now. They are a beautiful people and a strong people. Please also pray for the adoptive parents that are in Nepal trying to bring their children home. Thankfully the strike has been peaceful so far, but nothing is open and supplies are getting short. I love this country dearly and pray for them a lot.

With all that is going on I feel as if seeing this has given me the ability to move on. This door is shut for now. Andreas and I will still pursue our dreams of working in Nepal and opening ministries there, but our adoption from Nepal is done, or at least postponed indefinitely. I have been able to come to terms with this and trust God for the next step. At this point it looks like we will be pursuing an adoption from Taiwan. Like always there is always a chance of change, but this is what it looks like at the moment. I would appreciate your prayers as we adjust everything to this new adoption. I am scared, excited, cautious, expectant and most of all reliant on the Father for what is next.

I will end with this thought... as I look out on the landscape of adoption that I am privilaged to be a part of I understand the whole body of Christ more and what the body looks like. It has many faces in all colors, shapes and sizes. It speaks many languages, and it sees no infirmaties to great. It heals, it weeps, it rejoices and it seeks. May we all strive to be a part of this wonderful body and be faithful to it's head.


Hats and Hope

I wanted to tell you another wonderful story of how the body of Christ has helped me through this hard adoption time. One of the wonderful Godly women that I have met through this cyberspace penpaling is Nina Mullins. Amazingly enough, she graduated from my college, was adopting from Nepal (at that time, now Ethiopia) and she is half Norwegian. Funny how small the world really is. Anyway, we began to write back and forth. A little while after we started writing I received an email from an Ia Williams. Ia is Nina's mom and the reason that Nina is half Norwegian. Ia has been an incredible encouragement to me during this time. She has been honest and open and totally excited about the grandchildren that will be with her in the hopefully near future. About a week before I found out that my adoption from Nepal would no longer go through, I received a package from Ia. She had knitted me two hats. One for Samuel and one for the child to come. What a beautiful act of Godly love. It is amazing how you can feel love from people that you have never met, yet feel like you know. Thank you Ia for this thoughtful and beautiful act of love. You have been a great encouragement.

Below is a picture of Sam sporting his new Norwegian knitted, University of Kentucky winter hat. He looks adorable in it and has worn it a ton. He is very proud of it. Ia has been knitting these hats for her children's adoption fundraisers.

So all of you who would like to, can order one of these wonderful hats in any team color and logo. It is a great time to order so you can have them by next winter! They are $25 (which includes shipping). You will be helping Nina and Wes bring home a child from Ethiopia and supporting your favorite team in the process (total win-win situation). To order, email Nina and Wes at You can also link to their blog by scrolling down this page. They are under Nepal adoption families below.

Sam sporting the hat, so cute.

Close up of the two hats that were knitted. They are beautifully made and I know made with love. Ia, I hope to meet you someday. Either in the States or here in Scandinavia. I'm sure a trip to see the Norwegian summer would do you good!