Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Because of Two

I wanted to do a blurb here so that all of you know that we have begun a blog for the children's home we are working on setting up in Nepal. You can pop on over to and check it out.  Feel free to become a follower so you can get updates or donate if the Lord is leading you to do so.

We are also on Facebook, so you can check us out there also (because of two).


Friday, November 23, 2012

One Day Late, but Very Thankful

As the States celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, we are celebrating today.  One of the events that we have en-cooperated into our traditions is an International Thanksgiving event at the church.  I don't get to spend Thanksgiving with my family in the States, but I do get to spend it with my extended family here, new friends, and complete strangers.  Oh, how wonderful the Lord is to allow us to celebrate with so many.

We have an open invitation at this dinner, but all bring something to share. Of course I make sure that we have the traditional foods...that is for me mainly...but then we get to sample dishes from around the world.  The biggest on we had was in AlingsÃ¥s, Sweden, where we had 70 people from 16 different countries.  What a spred that was!

I don't know how many people will be coming to the church tonight or how many lands we will represent.  However, I do know I am giddy to celebrate this meal and give thanks to our merciful and glorious God.  I am excited to meet new people and pray that all will be in our family one day and know the Love of Christ.

So Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrated yesterday and will celebrate today.  As we give thanks please pray for all of the children, adults and families that have little or nothing, those who are hurting because they have no family or no one, those who are in prisons and addicted to drugs because they do not know the mercy and saving power of Jesus, those who are in the hospitals and psych wards all over this world, those who are being help captive, those who are in war zones, and those who simple need someone to show kindness and the love of Jesus to.  We are blessed and need to remember that many are not and need us to be the hands and feet of Jesus.


Sunday, November 11, 2012


One of the many people that the Lord has blessed Andreas and this family with is Pappa.  This is Andreas' dad.  He is smart, patient, kind, loving, honest and trustworthy.  He has been a wonderful dad to Andreas and Andreas has picked up many of his qualities.  He is also a great Farfar (granddad) whom the children love very deeply.  We are incredibly blessed to have him in our family and are thankful for all the time that we get to be with him.  

Thank you for being you pappa.  Happy Father's Day!


Burning Skies

These past few days have been very uninspiring.  The family has had the stomach flu since Wednesday and are recovering at this point.  I started Wednesday evening, then David Wednesday night and Thursday, then Sam on Friday night and Saturday far Andreas has escaped the worst part, but isn't feeling terribly good at the moment.  I just asked him if he was okay and he said...maybe!  (it is Father's Day here and that really isn't the greatest gift we could have given him.) 

However, earlier we took a drive (because I had not been out of the house since Wednesday) and the Lord blessed us with an amazing sunset.  Let me begin by saying that today was one of those totally grey days.  Grey sky, lots of rain...just plain blah.   So we were amazed at the sky that looked like it was on fire. (the pics are taken on an old camera and most from the car, so please forgive the quality)

you can see the rain streaks on the windshield

Pretty amazing.  So our amazing Daddy gave Andreas a beautiful father's day gift all of HIS own.  Thanks God, I think we all needed that. 


Monday, November 05, 2012

Link To It and Be Prepared to Listen

Today I linked into a blog of an adoptive mother that I had never been too.  She began explaining that she had something to say...and people would probably be offended...or not want to see and listen.  And the truth is she is probably right...BUT DO IT ANYWAY!

Link in:

No Greater Joy Mom