Sunday, May 27, 2012

Update on Samuel

For all of you that were wondering, Samuel is doing really well.  His eardrum is sitting right were it needs to be and is working really well.  However, now Samuel can hear Andreas and I whisper, so we have no way of communicating behind his back.  We might have to learn a third language just between us.  Samuel is beyond thrilled to be able to hear without his hearing aide in his left ear.  He wants the other ear done now.  

We were suppose to keep this kid calm and collected for two weeks...good luck!  Andreas said he would rather shoot himself in the foot than have to keep Sam calm for two weeks.  Our active boy is on the move and has a new lease on life.  

This is Sam's cool attitude walk...he thinks he is the stuff!

Below is a pic of some friends and the kids eating and doing crafts.  This was one of my attempts to keep Sam calm (you can tell he still had his head wrap on in this pic).  It worked for a little while and we all had great fun being creative.

from left to right...David, Mariam, Michael H., Amy V. and Sam.  
Sadly for us, Amy has left to return to her family in Australia.  We were so glad to have her with us, but knew she would have to go back.  When she left yesterday Samuel asked, ''What do we do NOW without Amy?''  I think we ALL enjoyed her visit.  You are missed Amy.


Mors Dag

Today is Mother's Day in Sweden.  So I would like to say Happy Mother's day to my mother in law.  Thank you for all that you give as a mom and a farmor.  We all love you very much.  


Friday, May 18, 2012

A milestone

On May 16th we past a milestone... a year ago David walked into a little room in Ch*na and his whole life changed drastically (much to his chagrin).  It amazes me to see the difference in him.  He walked into that room as a stranger and is now such an integral part of this family.     

some of the first moments with us

David's adoption was so drastically different from Samuels'.  There was the obvious...different country, different special needs, different ages.  However, there was also the hidden...the long wait that took it's toll on me, the necessity to switch countries, the heartache that I still carry of Nep^l closing adoptions (or all other countries closing to Nep^l) because of corruption, the moment of actually saying no to a Ta*wan ''unofficial'' referral after a month of prayer and seeking the Lord and professional advise, the distance I felt to the whole process because it was in Swedish and I could not be as involved because I simply didn't understand all the little details.  All of these factors brought so many more emotions, decisions, heartache, prayers and details with them.  The euphoria of the first adoption had disappeared into a new reality.  And I struggled with that reality.  I think at points I even struggled to believe that my second child would become a reality.

This all forced me to review my belief and how much I was lacking in it.  How I failed time and time again to understand the road that God took us down to bring us to David.  It took me two sentence to say that but many months, even years to experience it.

Then there was the referral.  A small picture with details that we tried to decipher.  I didn't feel the connection to the picture that I did with Sam's.  I understand now that it was the difference of seeing a baby picture to seeing an older child picture and the emotions and the actual physical hormones that those create, but that didn't help then.  Don't misunderstand...we asked for a child 3 or above, we understood (as much as you can before you experience) what that would entail.  My love for David was something that I needed to grow into.  I knew with my brain that I loved him...but I still had to go through the process of getting to know him.  This brought me guilt for quite some time even though we bonded quite quickly, which surprised me for a toddler that had been passed around.

the first evening walk (blurry, but forever etched in my mind)

One of the nice things about being a year out from the adoption is the fact that I know how this year ends.  It ends with an amazing, incredibly loved, well adjusted, beloved child.  I will be the first to admit it hasn't been easy.  David needed to bond with us and yet explore his world as a three year old who was suppose to be learning some independence.  He needed to deal with the strong emotions that came with leaving the culture he knew and being wisked away by people who look and sound strange.  He needed to learn the meaning of permanency, he needed, he needed.....

Most of all he needed a family. People that would try their best to understand, love, play, nourish (body and soul) and be there for life.  I was not always the best with my patience, I am sure I made plenty of mistakes (and will continue to do so), but thank you Jesus by your grace he is doing so well.

Now above is the boy that I get the privilege of parenting day in and day out.  He is quick to laugh and to whine. He is full of energy and loves to explore.  David will go outside for a walk, a run, a scooter ride or just to goof of in a heartbeat.  He loves to be out of doors.  He is incredibly stubborn, but quick to learn.  He has embraced life and his family.  He amazes me, he cuddles me, and he calls my name a million times a day.  He loves books and kisses and food (lots of it).  He loves to mimic, play with and wrestle with his older brother and daddy.  He can now pucker, finish a whole juice box through a straw, blow out candles and say the letters p, k, and m (this is not always easy for cleft lip/palate children).
he wasn't too hip on that roasted marshmallow

David has a great sense of humor and will be my prankster someday.  He will also be my sneaky child.   David has a laugh and a smile that can light up a room and make others laugh right along with him.


You are a beloved son to us.  We went through so much to get to you and are so thankful that we did. I can't wait to see how you grow and weave more and more into our family.  You are precious to us and to Jesus whose hand you can see all through your story.

We love you,
Mommy and Daddy.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Visit

I have a visitor right now.  She is a Jesus loving, amazing, beautiful, funny, wonderful friend.  Meet Amy....

Amy lived here in Sweden for 16 mths., but moved back to Australia with her family in 2010.  I have missed her greatly and told her I wanted her to she did!

Amy and her family hold a special place in our hearts and we know that the Lord brought us together for a short time, but for a friendship that would last a lifetime.  I am so blessed to have a friend who would travel so far just to see me and join into my everyday life and find joy in that.  Thanks Jesus for Amy, thanks Amy for coming and thanks Tim for holding down the fort while your wife is gone!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Samuel the Brave

Samuel is amazing.  He showed me the meaning of being brave and trust in Jesus.  Even when we were in the operation room and they were hooking him up the everything he said, ''mommy, I am not nervous or scared''.  I was so proud of him because mommy was holding back the tears so she wouldn't make him scared.

When we went back to his room after recover he said that it was a good day.  He is so excited to hear without hearing aides.  My wonderful, brave, amazing son... I can't even begin to explain what a blessing he is.

We are now waiting a week until the stitches and packing come out and praying that the new eardrum will mesh and grow with the little eardrum he had left and work as normal.  Thank you for everyone that was praying, please continue.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Brave Boy

My Brave Samuel is an amazing boy.  He teaches me so much and I am so thankful to be his mommy.  When Sam was a baby and in the orphanage in Nepal he has many, MANY ear infections.  They tried their best to help him, but the cold and conditions would not allow the infections to stay away for long,  if at all.  Because of these infections his eardrums tore.  He only has 10% of his eardrums in each ear.  Despite his injury, he is still able to hear and learn been proven by the two languages that he can fluently speak. 

Samuel has been wearing hearing aides since he was three years old, but it is now time to try to fix one of his eardrums.  Tomorrow we will be going to BorĂ¥s where Samuel will have surgery to build one of his eardrums (we are not sure which side just yet).  They will go through the bone in the back of his ear and take skin from the top of his ear to build the new drum.  The surgery should take about 2 hours.  He is sooooooooooo excited.  He keeps saying it will be his best day.  I love the enthusiasm that he has.  To be very honest he simply would like to get rid of the hearing aides and be like the other children.  

We would appreciate everyones prayers as this takes place.  He will have to go back in a week and take the stitches out and the gauze in his ear and there is a 10% chance that it will not take.  Please pray that it does and we can move on to the next ear soon.

In all of this God gets the glory and praise.  He has placed Samuel in this family and Samuel loves Jesus with all his heart.  So we will keep our eyes on Him and Him alone.  


Friday, May 11, 2012

Where Were You?

A year ago today my family, along with Andreas' parents, loaded a van with lots of suitcases, hopes, dreams and excitement.  We then borded a plane on its way to Ch*na.  This was the end of a 3 1/2 year journey and the beginning of a new lifetime journey.  

For all of you that are waiting, and waiting, and waiting... for that precious child to be in your arms the day will come.  God loves the orphan and raises up families to place the lonely in.  Are you suppose to be one of those families?  Is God putting this on your heart?  Listen, Respond, Love.   

P.S.  This is a double post day, so don't miss the video below.

Boys Being Boys

Yes, they are covered in mud!


Monday, May 07, 2012

Little Moments

Every mother has her doubts and wonders if she is doing a good job.  As an adoptive mom of a toddler there seems to be many more things to consider.  Is he bonding?  Is he happy?  Does he understand our love?  Does he know he can come to me in time of need?  Does he feel secure?

Now, in our daily lives there are little moments that I know we have solidified as a family. I absolutely know that he is becoming a ''normal'' little boy (if any of them are truly ''normal'').  Today I had one of those moments.  Samuel and David were playing with their stuffed animals and David's teddy got ''hurt''.  Immediately David brought his crying teddy (imagine the sound effects) to me for reassurance and a kiss that seemed to solve the whole problem.  To David it was fun and normal kid play.  To me it meant that he simply knows that mommy will soothe him and kiss his hurts away.

Thank you Jesus for helping me realize these precious moments!