Thursday, May 06, 2010

Hats and Hope

I wanted to tell you another wonderful story of how the body of Christ has helped me through this hard adoption time. One of the wonderful Godly women that I have met through this cyberspace penpaling is Nina Mullins. Amazingly enough, she graduated from my college, was adopting from Nepal (at that time, now Ethiopia) and she is half Norwegian. Funny how small the world really is. Anyway, we began to write back and forth. A little while after we started writing I received an email from an Ia Williams. Ia is Nina's mom and the reason that Nina is half Norwegian. Ia has been an incredible encouragement to me during this time. She has been honest and open and totally excited about the grandchildren that will be with her in the hopefully near future. About a week before I found out that my adoption from Nepal would no longer go through, I received a package from Ia. She had knitted me two hats. One for Samuel and one for the child to come. What a beautiful act of Godly love. It is amazing how you can feel love from people that you have never met, yet feel like you know. Thank you Ia for this thoughtful and beautiful act of love. You have been a great encouragement.

Below is a picture of Sam sporting his new Norwegian knitted, University of Kentucky winter hat. He looks adorable in it and has worn it a ton. He is very proud of it. Ia has been knitting these hats for her children's adoption fundraisers.

So all of you who would like to, can order one of these wonderful hats in any team color and logo. It is a great time to order so you can have them by next winter! They are $25 (which includes shipping). You will be helping Nina and Wes bring home a child from Ethiopia and supporting your favorite team in the process (total win-win situation). To order, email Nina and Wes at You can also link to their blog by scrolling down this page. They are under Nepal adoption families below.

Sam sporting the hat, so cute.

Close up of the two hats that were knitted. They are beautifully made and I know made with love. Ia, I hope to meet you someday. Either in the States or here in Scandinavia. I'm sure a trip to see the Norwegian summer would do you good!


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Wes And Nina said...

Yup. Cried when I read this blog too! Thank you so much for the shout out! It has been such an honor getting to know you in this time. And wow, Sam looks AWEsome in his new hat! SO cute! Love it. And my mom is so super amazing with those hats! You have really stirred her heart, because she truly does only knit things for people she loves, and for people that have touched her heart. You have touched her heart, and in so doing, I think she loves you too. :)