Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Big 5

I cannot believe it but Samuel officially is 5 years old. We worked hard to make sure that he had a wonderful day of being celebrated. He did, and didn't throw one fit today - he really is growing up. We started the day by singing to him and giving him a small gift. He was thrilled and so excited in the morning. Then we went to my women's bible study (of course he got to play and have playmates the whole time). He was hugged and kissed and had many well wishes and blessings from the ladies. Then we went to Farmor and Farfar's church to pick up keys. While we were there the Thursday meeting group sang to Samuel and he got the normal Swedish 4 cheers. He soaked up the attention. Then we proceeded to his grandparents house to get ready for the family party. He was an angel while I got everything ready. He played by himself and even helped me when he could. He said sweet things, and was ever so polite the whole day also. He was sooooo amazing.

My mom was able to video skype with us so that she could see Sam on his birthday. I do believe there was some sadness in her eyes. I am sure she really misses Sam. This is the first birthday we have actually celebrated in Sweden. All the other years have been in KY at Sue Lauter's house. Even though I really missed being there, it was great to celebrate one with his Swedish family. Thanks for calling mom, Samuel told me that he really loves "his" nonna.

We also had some good friends call to sing happy birthday to Sam. Thanks Jennie, Happy and Cade, that was really sweet.

We had Uncle Johan, Aunt Emma, cousin Viktor, Farmor and Farfar for dinner (which of course was preceeded by wonderful gifts). Farmor and Farfar gave him a few things, but the main thing was a beautiful blue bike! Which he immediately had to try out. Then he got legos from his Aunt and Uncle. Not the big duplo legos, but "little" legos. He was pretty excited about that one. I have hesitated getting him "little" legos because he doesn't really build with the duplo ones he has. He always asks me to build something and then he will play with it. So we will see how this "little" lego thing goes. I really hope he does build with them.

After dinner, more family came to have cake, candy and coffee (the coffee was for the adults). Samuel was given more wonderful gifts and he always said thank you to the people that gave them to him (he was perfect).

Now we have the kid's party on Saturday. Hope that one goes just as well!!! I can't believe my baby is 5 and getting so big. In the midst of all his birthday hoopla, he prayed for Jane before he went to bed. How amazing is it for him to think of his sister (whom he has never met or even seen a picture of yet) while he was getting all these gifts and attention. Thank you Jesus for this amazing little boy!!!

There are a few pics below to explain a little of his day. Thank you to everyone that made his day so special. I will read all the emails that I received to him also. It's pretty cool that he gets birthday wishes from around the world. Enjoy the pics.


This was the duplo digger that Andreas and I gave him. I didn't think it had a chance after he got little legos, but he really liked it.
Setting the party scene.
Party scene before it got really messy.
You can't see the bike, but it is in front of Sam in the picture. However, he really had fun with those party blowers (we will have to take those away soon so he doesn't drive us nuts). He did really like the bike too. Thanks Farmor and Farfar.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Recap on Summer

Okay, here are a few more pics of our summer fun. One maybe a repeat, but o'well. I constantly look at Sam and can't believe how big he is getting. He had a wonderful summer, full of time with grandparents, mom and dad and many friends. He still asks why winter has to come. He told me today that he wasn't going to trust God anymore if winter came. How do you answer that one as a parent? I went on to explain how the seasons run and that is the order and "the rules" of how things go (he is really big on the rules right now). I think he understood, but didn't like it. At least I don't think he will stop trusting God.

Andreas is in Norway right now. The Church had a conference in Oslo. Sam and went to Grebbestad with Farfar for a day and had a good time. As we pulled out of the drive to leave Samuel says, "turn around, I don't want to leave, I want to stay there all the time!" He was just stating what we all feel. Although it gets really cold and not so nice at times in the winter, but Sam doesn't realize that yet.

Tomorrow I will go to a meeting about Swedish lessons for Immigrants. That is right folks, I am an immigrant. I hope to be able to be in the class even though I cannot go full time. Please pray that it works out. I would really like to be able to speak and understand Swedish better. We still have to find a preschool for Sam also. We will look at another one on Monday. My class also hinges on getting Samuel into a preschool because the class is Mon.-Fri. 8:30 to 2:30. However, it is really hard to leave your child with other people, I have to really be impressed to agree to this. I have been praying a lot about this one. You could all help me with that one too. To all my friends out there, any advice on what is the most important when you look at preschools. Remember, Christian is not really an option here (unfortunately), so what are the next important things.

I am officially announcing that I will be coming back to the States in October. I have a ticket that will bring me home Oct. 7th - Oct. 22nd. I am the only one coming, as we cannot afford for Sam to travel with me. I would love to see you all, so let me know if you will be around or can make it to Wilmore.

On the adoption front, there is nothing new to report for me, but I have heard that three families have pasted through the ministry and have been invited to Nepal. Slow, but progress. Keep praying.

I would love to hear how all of you are doing.


One cool crab, that became our dinner a few minutes later! Yummy!

This is Andreas, sending Sam out to sea! No seriously, Eas found this driftwood and Sam and him tried to make a boat. Didn't work very well, but Sam had fun.

This is Sam with Emma and Viktor. He loves his Aunt and cousin (and apparently snorkling also).

This was a pretty water lilly that I liked. I probably take a million pictures like this every summer, but I like them.