Tuesday, May 24, 2005

does this new blog writer work


Some people wanted a picture of our dog, so here he is. Let it be known, we are not dog crazy, like having him in our family portraits or anything...

We call this one "the frog" picture. Is he off the ground or not? We think he is. Ah, the frustration of not having him home...

And more Samuel. Our pediatrician is still a little concerned about his legs...they look a little stiff. This could be nothing or something, it's hard to tell. We're trying to get a developmental exam done on him to make sure everything is ok, or at least as far as can be told.

Here's another picture of Samuel.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Waiting and more waiting

Well, as you might expect...the waiting for Samuel is as frustrating as it can get. He is literary on the other side of the world form us right now. We might start digging soon :)
In other news, our lives are moving along at a slow, southern pace. The weather is now getting very warm, which has always been a problem for the Swede in me. When it's a beautiful, sunny day you're supposed to be outside! Not here! You stay in airconditioned places. Hopefully I will get use to it soon. I'm still debating whether or not to bring Kelty (our dog) with me when I bike or run...

I'm teaching a Sunday school at our church now, which is an interesting thing. If you want to know what I'm working on, we're in Galatians talking about the law and the freedom if Christ. What is the role of the Old Covenant (the Ten Commandments and such) today? Perhaps you want to know more about Jesus, like Laurie and myself, and Galatians is a good place to start.

I'll write more as I have time, or if we get some pictures of Samuel or any news on his bruise. We're also making sure that his legs are ok. Just in case. It's hard to have your paternal/maternal instincts aroused and not be able to protect our little guy. We can't travel soon enough.

In love

Sunday, May 22, 2005

some minor adjustements

I've been told that Samuel's height should be 67 centimeters (or 26,8 inches) instead of 67 inches...I guess I got ahead of myself and was thinking of the first Nepalese/American/Swedish basketball player :) Also, it's 17,6 lbs, to be exact. That's 8 kilos for our metric friends.

Soon more to come!

With Love

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Again, what a boy. He's 67 inches, 17 punds, and 8 months old. In other words, he is small...but handsome. Behold, the worlds first Nepalese/American/Swedish firefighter...or something. Posted by Hello

That's a nasty bruise he's got there. We are a little concerned and have asked them to find put what happened. But isn't he a cutey?? We love him already, what can I say... Posted by Hello

School is over

Hello friends,
I will, startgin today, try to keep this blog updated with the latest info and other interesting and fun things. For one, school is over for the semester now, which gives me more time to work on this. I hope you've enjoyed the pictures that's been posted. More are coming, actually I have to more of Samuel to post today. He looks so much older (sigh!) and we are struggling with the waiting.
In other news, school went well this semester. I have been to seminary one year now, and it's been a wonderful experience. More on that later. Let's get those Samuel pictures posted...and I will write more in a little while.

Love, the Kjernald's in USA

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Let's try to send this little dude again. His nam is Olof Robert Samuel Kjernald. He's still in Nepal, but we love him very much already and we hope to have him home before he turns 1, on Sept. 10th. Posted by Hello

Our son, Mr. Samuel. He's currently in Nepal, but we hope to get him home before he turns 1, which is September 10th. Posted by Hello

Hello! Posted by Hello

Friday, May 13, 2005

Let's try this

Hello everybody,
This is a trial run to see if this is a viable option to keep everybody updated on our lives.