Friday, March 30, 2007

Sam and us

Yesterday, the 29th of March, Sam had been with us longer than he had been in the orphanage in Nepal. That day was a milestone for us. It is a good feeling to realize that he has been with us his family longer that being alone in the world.

Tomorrow Laurie leaves for Nepal again. It's a business trip to set up adoptions with other orphanges. It is a dream come true, and it is all the Lord's doing. Really. So pray for her and for her safe return. It is gonna be tough without her for two weeks.

We love you all

Friday, March 23, 2007

There and back...

Hello friends,

I haven't been postin for awhile because I've been in Sweden!! with Sam on a Spring break visit. It was a great week and we had so much fun visiting our future home and our family. It is good to see that some things don't change. I hope to have some pictures available soon.

We are doing well here in Mississippi. I have two months left of school!!!! and Laurie is soon off to Nepal for her big trip. Pray for her trip please. It's really a wonderful cause and we know that they Enemy doesn't enjoy orphans finding good homes.

Samuel is really growing. We realized it yesterday when we brought out the little slide that he has. Last year he couldn't cimb up it, now it's a piece of cake. Wow!

We are still a go for David, though it seems slow at the moment. It's all paperwork and waiting at this point, but we are on track for a September/October pickup. We can't wait.

Thanks for stopping by!