Monday, November 27, 2006

We've been to Disney World

Hello friends,

We just came back from Florida where we spent Thanksgiving with Laurie's family. We stayed with her grandfather for a whole week and had a great time. Laurie's cousin Dawn got us in for free to Disney World -Magic Kingdom. How awesome of her!

Samuel had a blast! A full day of rides, food, and trains. We enjoyed greatly as well and can not thank Dawn and her friend enough. Here are some pictures.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Exciting news

Dear friends and family,

God has done some amazing things in our lives recently. We are overwhelmed to the point of silence and praise.
First, we are adopting again!!! This time, thanks to the incredible generosity of an anonymous person who donated all the money, we are starting the process of adopting a little boy from Guatemala or Peru. We should have him home by September 2007. This is super super!

Second, though it is not for sure, we are going home to Sweden early fall 2007 to start our new ministry. Everything has been provided by the Lord, using wonderful people, and we have everything we need to get started in Sweden. This includes money for cars, travel, startup money, etc. Incredible, again!!!

There is much more to tell in the longer version of the story, but we wanted to share with you the wonders of God and how we thank him for everything. We are doing just fine. Samuel is growing and talking and running and playing hard every day. Laurie is busy busy in her new job but is doing wonders with setting up new programs for international adoptions. My school work is keeping me very busy, very engaged, and very humble. God is moving me closer to himself.

So, that's us and our lives right now. How are you people doing?