Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Another update

As the days slowly pass by, we have another update to post. The test results for Samuel will be ready early next week. As the immigration process here in the US in wrapping up with our fingerprints being taken next Monday, the Nepal process is also wrapping up with our dossier being finished next week as well. Thus, our agency is gearing up for travel arrangements for me in the near future.
If you're interested in ways to help the orphanage they are currently collecting money for mosquito nets. The monsoon season is coming and the mosquitos are getting pretty bad.
However, we are resting in your prayers and support. Soon our faith will be sight, so to speak...

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Latest news

This just in...
We are till waiting for Samuel's test results. Some tests require several visits, we believe some are taking place this weekend. Alas, we don't know when the final results are in. However, we are scheduled to be fingerprinted the 27th of June, and it shouldn't be too long after that that I leave for Nepal, perhaps a week or two. We really can't wait to get him home, as you can imagine (or have been reading previous posts :) )

More when we know more
In love

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Adoption in English

I just wanted to put a little something in English for those who don't readily read Swedish so well (like me). Andreas got a little over zealous when he had been reading Swedish for a while. I love it!!!! These are our new pictures of Samuel. We received them on Wed. June 8, 2005. We also found out that the first trip may actually be able to take place at the end of June. That would put his homecoming around end of August (possibly). Oh how I ache to hold him and let him know that it will all be okay. He is so beautiful in a non-bias and very bias opinion. Our pediatrician (the amazing and awesome Shawn Taylor) is a little worried about his legs and their stiffness (as much as you can see in a still picture). So this weekend he will have a Denver Development test with a few more blood tests. This will help us determine if we need to make arrangements for therapy or something else. Or it may tell us that he is just fine. So please pray with us.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

nyheter om adoptionen

Nu visar det sig att immigrations myndigheten här i USA har schabblat. Därför har jag goda och tråkiga nyheter. Den dåliga nyheten är att vår ansökan har "kommit bort". Den goda nyheten är att vårt fall behandlas som om dom hade den ändå, och har nu ansökt om att vi ska får våra fingeravtryck tagna här i Jackson. Vi skickar in en ny ansökan så att dom har en, men det fina i kråksången är att när våra fingeravtryck är tagna tar det bara en vecka att bli godkända, vilket innebär att jag kan resa till Nepal!!
Det kan bli juni alltså, vilket ju vore ett mirakel, mao ett bönesvar helt enkelt.
Vi väntar spänt.
Hello our little son!  Posted by Hello
And he's got teeth! Posted by Hello
I'm still learning to work this blog/picture stuff. Here is smile I was talking about. Isn't he cute! Posted by Hello
Ah! Some new pictures of our little guy. Check out that Mona Lisa smile...our hearts are aching with longing and it is only with much grace that we can sit still and bide our time.  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Still waiting

Dear friends,
We're still waiting for more pictures and info on our little one. We have requested that some tests will be made on Samuel, no needled but developmental tests :), so that we can provide him with the best of care. At this point, nobody thinks anything is wrong, but international orphans are always considered special needs so this will simply be a precation.
In other brother is getting married in July and I get to go home to be there for his special day. Hurray! Please pray for Laurie as she won't be able to make the trip. She'd loooove to, believe you me. Also, I'll be ordained as a conference candidate with the Free Methodist church on June 17th. It won't give me any special rights, but it's a step on the way (the way to full ordination) and as a missionary.

Thanks for reading and being interested. We love you.