Thursday, July 19, 2012

Action Needed

If you are an American citizen please go to and read what is needed to stop a vote on a treaty that will not be good for parental rights.  Please take a look at what is written and then call your senators and representatives.

Today is a double post so please continue to read after you have gone to the link.



On July 17th, at 12:17 a.m. (one month after Morfar's funeral), Ellysiv Ingegerd Persson (known to us as Mormor or Siv) stepped into eternity to meet the Savior that she knows face to face.  She was not an emotional person, but very practical.  She was frank in what she said, faithful to God and Morfar, strongly devoted to her family, very partial to her grandchildren and great grandchildren, generous, and an amazing matriarch for this family.  

Mormor last year with Johan (Andreas' brother)
Mormor taught me how to make lingon jam, hunt for and clean Chantrelle mushrooms, use the berries and food that nature provides here in the woods, clean and cook fish and even how to cook eel (not that I ever did it again).  She was a grandmother to me, even though I married into the family.  Andreas and I spent a lot of time with Mormor and Morfar when we lived in Sweden the first time and didn't have children.  They lived only 100 yards from our house in the woods and we had tea with them almost every night.  She would always tell me that I was aloud in her kitchen to fix things (that was an honor).

When we moved back to Sweden the second time, they moved into Gothenburg to be near everything they needed.  However, we still saw them often and both Mormor and Morfar enjoyed getting to know their great grandchildren.  Without the generosity of Mormor and Morfar we would not have our children today.  They fully supported us in our adoptions and fully accepted and loved our children.  

Mormor was loved and admired by all of her grandchildren and she will be dearly missed by the whole family.  Yet, we know we will see her again.  Praise Jesus that this life is not the end!

Please pray for the family as they grieve her loss and praise Jesus for her life.  Especially Andreas' mother and uncle as they have lost both of their parents in the span of a month and a half. Her funeral will be held on August 8th.


Monday, July 16, 2012

The Man in My Life

Just two short days ago my wonderful husband turned 38 years old.  Happy Birthday my amazing man! We were up at the house in Grebbestad and had a great relaxing time.  

I don't think I would ever be able to explain what a blessing this man is as a husband, daddy, friend, and pastor.  The Lord has taken this good man and made him absolutely incredible.  We met in January of 1996 and I could not be more grateful that he looked my way and wanted to marry me.  I had the privilege of being with him as he gave his life to Christ and the blessing of walking with him as our lives merged and have come 15 years into this long adventure.  He is patient, confident in Christ, amazing with our children, prayerful, kind, great with people, loving, theological and methodical, and incredibly handsome (at least to this wife!)

I am thankful to his parents who 38 years ago gave birth to their first child and then raised him well.  I am thankful to God for Andreas' life and love and passion for people to know Christ! 

You are wonderful my love!  I look forward to the many years and to come on our adventure called life together.
Happy Birthday Daddy from your boys!

La la, Sam and David

Monday, July 02, 2012

The First of Many

This was the first transition in many for this family.  I spent the week packing the whole apartment and then yesterday cleaning it from top to bottom while Andreas took his second trip in two days to Norway to leave our stuff.  The poor kids have had to find things to occupy themselves while I could not play with them and friends definitely helped out a lot with play time and food.  

I feel like a Mac truck hit me (after all the upheaval) so today has been one of rest for me.  Andreas has been extremely kind and understand and took the kids for the most part of the day for me.  Today began our month long vacation before Andreas needs to be in Mysen.  We plan to enjoy every moment of it and are extremely thankful to God for this time to say goodbye and rest before the next transition begins.  

It is hard to say goodbye to our life in Alingsås, but as of 11:00 pm. last night we were no longer residents in the Alingsås Methodist Church. I cannot even begin to thank all the people that have meant so much to us through the almost 5 years we have been at this church.  The members have been wonderful and kind and I will miss them greatly.  The Lord has blessed me with many friends in Alingsås that I will have a hard time living without.  I am really glad to only be 3 1/2 hours away so that they are not gone from my life.  

The Alingsås Methodist Church.  This was taken in April when my mother was visiting.

It will be strange not to see the yellow and blue flag soon.  It will be replaced by the red, white and blue flag of Norway.  I like the colors....not that I am bias about my own flag or anything!

Alingsås has a floral design school and they were always making the central part of the town look amazing.  I will miss Alingsås... it is a great place to live and am thankful that I was given these years here.
Now it is time to rest and relax and then on to Norway....well the boys and I will have a week at the ocean in Grebbestad first...but I won't rub that in while Andreas is working (I promise!!)