Sunday, July 24, 2011

Prayers Needed

There are two major prayers that are on my mind right now.

1.  You can pop over to
and be praying for Karl.  He was in a motorcycle accident at the beginning of the week and is fighting for his life.  We are praying that his lungs will stay clear of all infection, his brain will heal, and he will open his eyes voluntarily.  He is a young man that loves the Lord and many are interceding on his behalf...would you also please.

2.  For the people of Norway and those involved in the tragedy that has happened.  This is huge in Scandinavia and we are all reeling from the carnage.  There are families of at least 85 youth that are morning them today, not to mention the youth that got away and lived through the nightmare.  Then there are the families of those who lost their lives at the government building.  I believe the toll is 91 in all right now.  Please also pray for the men that did the crime and their families.  These men obviously have a lot of hate for multicultural societies (not to mention all of us adoptive families).  They need Jesus too.  On the news they are calling these men Christian Fundamentalists/Extremists.  Please pray that people would realize that they had nothing to do with Christ and that people would see Christ near in the healing.

Thank you,

Sunday, July 17, 2011


On the 14th my wonderful husband celebrated 37 years of life.  We were together with his parents at their summer home on the ocean.  So a little late on the blog, but happy birthday to my wonderful husband and an awesome father.  Below are pictures that show what we did that day.  

I also wanted to mention that on the 16th my brother turned 40 years old (man your old!).  Happy Birthday Enzo, we love and miss you.  


Don't worry folks, he has total control!

The day ended with this incredible rainbow.  It was actually a full one, but I couldn't capture the whole thing.   Thanks God for the amazing show...and the promise.

Even though they look a little radio active it is just the sunset.  Here are the wonderful parents that created and raised my amazing husband.  Thank you mom and dad you did a great job.  

We had the added privilege of seeing a seal on land during our boating trip.  We usually don't see them on land so close in the archipelago, so this was a treat for us all.    

This is dad enjoying a little playtime.  Actually he is playing with Sam, but I couldn't resist snapping a picture that looks like he is playing alone. 

David learning how to steer the boat.  We went in many circles!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Sweet Smiles and Sleep

 Hello All,

We are doing well.  It is amazing how far David has come in 7 weeks of having a family.  Today I snapped the first picture where he actually smiled when I asked him too.  It is the first one below and I think it is so sweet.  We are living out at our house in the woods and learning to be a family.  The boys fights are fewer and fewer, but still there (and probably always will be), David is feeling more stabil (I think).  All the friends that have seen him lately have said that he looks more confident and safe.  I am amazed at how his body shape is changing with all the exercise and fun we are having.  He is really starting to get muscle tone (which he had practically none of) and he is not nearly as clumsy as he was when we first got him.

I am constantly amazed that I have two beautiful boys and thankful for the grace of Christ that gave them to us.  What a blessing they are and will continue to be.  (don't get me wrong, I do get frustrated and angry with them now and again, but I will always be thankful the I have that chance to feel all those mommy feelings and do all those mommy things).

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.  Andreas preaches this Sunday and next so he goes to his little stuga (cabin) and works on his sermons, the kids and I play, play, play and play.  We are always glad when daddy gets to join the fun also (which is quite a lot lately). These are the days that get us through the dark winters, so I am not going to squander them.

Bye for now,

He actually smiled at the camera, that's a first.

He was definitely being tickled for this smile.  

Samuel loving riding the horse at the BorĂ¥s Zoo

Today's fun activity at the lake.  I believe that Samuel is instructing him on how to use the rubber dingy.

While we were rowing back to land, David fell asleep.  We put him on the ground while we unpacked the boat and he was sound asleep.  He would have had a hissy fit if he knew he was laying in grass (still having issues with textures).
Now that is the picture of a sound sleeper. Disclaimer: I know it looks a little dangerous in this pic, but it really wasn't.  He can't roll into the lake because of the life vest and where he was laying. 

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Sweet Summer Pics

Just the boys being boys.  Fun and crazy!

David loves my bag clips.  So he uses them for various things.  This day he decided they would look good in his hair. Sam is just being silly...pretty normal.

I was shocked the David actually pet the animals at the petting zoo.  Progress...thank you Jesus for progress.  

Where there is water...there will be the Kjernald boys.

All that fun makes a boy tired.

Hope everyone is having a good summer.