Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some pictures as promised

Nonna and Samuel

We can see who is the center of attention and loving it.

Above are some of the beautiful family photos that Cydil Waggoner took while we were home. She is a wonderful friend and incredibly talented at seeing the perfect pictures through her lense. I hope that you enjoyed the pics above. There are plenty more, but I didn't think putting about 400 pictures on the blog would be such a good idea.
Life is still proceeding faster than I feel like I can go. We have had our fourth visit with the social worker and will have at least one more for our home study. I have been looking at the website of our agency to see if any new special needs children have come up. I know that our child is out there, so I continue to pray over the faces and needs of the children shown. It does fill a person with a little guilt to say that I cannot handle certain special needs. I have to remember that it does not do anyone any good to adopt out of pity. So I pray for the children that there will be the perfect family for them.
Samuel is overjoyed to be going to pre-school. He really loves the social aspect of it. He is my ice breaker and socialite. He can draw anyone in. Which really helps when you are doing a ministry like handing out free hot chocolate or candles. No one can escape this wonderful little smile that wants to give them something for Jesus. I love that he is willing to help out with these things and absolutely loves doing it. He is such a positive person, (except when he is screaming at me with a temper tantrum).
I don't have pictures for you today, but I tried to trim his hair yesterday. All I wanted to do was trim around his ears so that I could get his hearing aides on better. Well, he wouldn't stay still, so each time he moved and more hair then should be got cut, the shorter his hair got. It wasn't too bad until I went to take the shaver to get the little hairs around his ears and he really moved. Which, unfortunately, ment the I shaved part of his head above his ear quite close. It didn't phase Samuel a bit!!! So what ended up happening is that I shaved a line on both sides of his head above his ears and had to make the rest pretty short also. So sad because I love his long hair! Everyone that has seen Sam thinks he looks cool, I think he looks like he did when he came from the children's home (hard for me to see him that way). Sam thinks it feels really cool and keeps looking at himself in the mirror. Maybe it is time for me to take him to a professional? I hope to have pictures soon.

For anyone interested our new address is:
Sodra Ringgatan 20
441 33 Alingsas

We miss and love you all.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Long Time, No Write

Hello to all. To actually get my act together and start blogging again I am going to tell you that it is coming. Please hold me accountable. I have so many wonderful pictures from being in the States with my family and the ones that Cydil took are incredible. I will actively try to get these things together so that I can share them with you.

We are all well and have had 3 home study visits to this point. The actual home visit will be on Friday. I am very excited to have that started (as we have been trying since January). Moving into Alingsas has made all the difference in the world. Don't get too excited, we will probably not be picking up a child for another two years or so, but I am still happy to be moving forward.

I miss you all and will be blogging for you soon.