Monday, April 28, 2008

Missing Friends

Recently Andreas and I have been missing friends. We sometimes feel a bit out of the way (I am sure some of you know what that feels like) and closed in our little Scandinavian corner of the world.

I had the priviledge of IMing with my good friend Lizet Bowen in Paraguay last night. This is a rare but always welcome event. We talked about the life of a missionary being one of constant transition and how good friends are hard to find. It always reminds me of the good friends that the Lord has always put in our path. You know the kind I mean, the ones that you can just be with and never have to explain yourself (you are of one heart and mind). This also leads to the realization that our friends are spread over the world. From Paraguay to Japan, Nepal to the U.S., Sweden to Africa and way down in Aussie land. In one sense it is very exciting. Jesus has marked the hearts of so many to serve Him in the world (whether by official missionary status or not). This is the Great Commission being fulfilled before our eyes. Praise Jesus!! But the other side is a sadness of never getting to be in the presence of these dear friends. But I still praise Jesus for the chance that they became our friends.

It all reminds me of when I graduated college. I had this realization that never again would I live in the same place as most of these friends (sadness). As I check and update my blog I look at the map that tells me where people have been looking at the blog from. This always reminds me to pray for those people and remember that friendship that we shared together and still share apart.

So to all of you that Andreas and I have had the priviledge of getting to know, we miss, love and pray for you. We pray that your ministries and witness for Jesus are sustaining you and overflowing your lives.

Praise Jesus for you ministries and your friendship,

Friday, April 25, 2008

Official Mom Moments

Well, today was one of those rights of passage as a mother.

Samuel has been sick with what I am guessing is the flu and an ear infection. I was holding him in my lap right after he had eaten his breakfast (he was upset because he couldn't take apart a chair). He was coughing so hard that he threw up in my lap. Then he threw up again strait down my nightgown. Makes you feel like a true mom. Luckily, Andreas was still home to help me out at that point. You will all be proud to know that I didn't even come close to losing it myself. I was calm and loving the whole time (you never know how you will react until it happens).

This is the first time that I have ever seen Samuel this sick, so I am worried (this is the first time I have ever seen him throw up). He is still energetic and wants to run and play (it takes a lot to get him down), but it is hard to see him sick. Please pray for his healing, Andreas's healing and my not getting sick.

Thanks for sharing my "mommy" moment.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Constant Fun

I am sorry that I haven't had time to work on the blog lately. I have finally downloaded a few videos from my phone to put up. They are not great quality, but they are fun. My camera is still in the States, so my phone has to do for now.

Short update:
Sam has received his hearing aides and is adjusting well. He can finally hear the small things. It is fun when he stops me to say, "what's that?". When he doesn't want to put them on he says, "mommy, I don't want them, there are no birds outside." This means, I don't need to hear because the birds are not singing! He is so funny.

Andreas has picked up a third job. He is teaching at a "Folk universitet". It is somewhere between High School and University level. He teaches Revelations and escatology. It is fun for him. He is hoping to teach Old and New Testament in the Fall.

We will be moving into Alingsas sometime in August/September. The apartment in the church has finally opened up and we will occupy it. That is after they deal with the mouse and rat problem!!! Not doing that again.

Warmth has started to come to Sweden. When that happens people start stripping. Yes, you can be walking in the park and the Swedes are laying out in the sun in underwear and bras (men and women). This may sound really strange, but come and experience a winter like ours and you would understand why.

Sam and Andreas are sick right now. Samuel has his first ear infections since being here. Please pray for that, it always makes me anxious.

We have had two international services at the church. Both times we have had several new people to the church. It is exciting to worship in English for me and to meet so many internationals here in Alingsas. Please continue to pray for the church.

I hope all of you are well. We miss you all greatly and would love to have visitors!!


The preacher man

I believe he will go with fire and brimstone. Actually he just received his hearing aides and is enjoying listening to himself. He calls his hearing aide "microphones".

Wild Tiger

Samuel makes me laugh

Samuel climbing a tree

Samuel being Samuel


Singing with Kelty

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Life of Expats

Life here always seems in transition. Partly because we have only been here for 6 months and partly because most of my friends are Expats (That is all of us who are here that are not from Sweden). The community of Expats are constantly coming and going in Sweden. Mostly because they are here with Volvo or other companies for a couple years at a time and then return to their home countries. Some are married to Swedes, like myself, and are deciding which country they want to settle down in. Some are just world travelers passing through. I handle this fact relatively well, but Sam does not quite understand all the "disappearing" of his friends.

Samuel still talks about his friends in the United States (he still prays for Kim, Kirket, Taylor, Alex and Sarah Haney constantly), but he is able to understand that they are there and we are in Sweden. Yet, he is struggling with the concept of his friends moving from Sweden to another country. One of my good friends Darcy McGowan left in January to move back to Oregon. She has two daughters that Samuel still asks to play with. I don't think he understands that they are not coming back. Then more recently a little boy named Edward went back to England with his parents. Edward was Samuel's Bible Study buddy. Every Thursday there is an English Bible Study that I attend. Thankfully this includes babysitting. It was during this time that Edward and Samuel became friends. We have been back to Bible study several times since they moved and Samuel is always asking for Edward. I have tried to explain it, but he doesn't quite understand that there are more countries than the U.S., Sweden, and Nepal.

Please pray for him as he will learn this lesson all too well through the years. On one hand it will give him a rich view of the world as he meets and befriends children from all over. On the other hand it will also be hard for him to want to make friends or let go of old friends as these Expats move on. Yet, I am extremely grateful for all of the friendships with these Expats and will gladly extend my friendship to the people that the Lord puts in my path. I pray that Samuel will someday feel the same.

Below are pics of Samuel's friends (and mine as well). You are missed and prayed for. God Bless you as you continue in your journeys.

Debbie and Edward Lewis with Sam and me.

Bible Study Buddies

The McGowan Family. Darcy, Andy (the only male), Abby, and Ellie.