Friday, April 27, 2007

It's gonna be a daughter!

Well, things change. As we have worked on adopting a little boy from Guatemala it turns out that we are adopting a little girl from Nepal instead. The timing didn't work out as planned, and since Laurie spent much time with adorable Nepali orphans, it is hard not to go that route. So, a girl it is. We are approved from the American government and now it's up to us to get the paperwork ready to send to Nepal. After that we get a picture and then we go and visit her!! Pray that the money comes in in time.

Here are some pictures from Laurie's trip to Nepal, as promised:

Friday, April 13, 2007

Laurie is home!!

Hello everybody,

Laurie is now back home with me and Sam. Joy! Joy! Everything went extremely well and they now have a brand new adoption program to offer people. Amazing. Thank you for your prayers.

We'll be back with some pictures from the trip


Saturday, April 07, 2007

Some new Samuel pics

Where did Jesus go?

Today is Holy Saturday, the day when Jesus went to Hell to defeat the Devil, according to tradition. It may sound old-fashioned or superstitous to talk about such things today in our modern and sophisticated time. We have certainly moved beyond such things, haven't we?

Well, what if that wasn't true? What if many people are living in a very real and very spiritual world today and consider us "sophisticates" the wrong ones? The Bible and the Church teaches specifically that the world is both matter and spirit, just like your body is flesh and soul. And when I read about Laurie's adventure in Nepal, which is the only Hindu monarchy in the world, I don't wonder about spiritual realities anymore. I am so very thankful that Jesus defeated death, hell, and the Devil today 2000 years ago, because I believe that those things and realities are fighting against me and all of us. The Bible says that those in Christ can not be touched be the Devil, except through temptations. But we are safe if we stay in Jesus. That makes me sorrowful when I consider the millions who are living on their own, facing the Devil and his demons.

There is no evidence or proof offered for the cessation of these spiritual beings. Science or reason has not offered a sinlge shred of evidence that the Biblical account is inaccurate. They think it's wrong, but they can't prove it. Can we prove that it isn't? Well, we have very strong evidence for taking the Bible seriously. Did you know that we actually have over 96% of the original Greek New Testament today? That we have "scientific" data that gives us the NT to that degree of certainty?

So pray for those who don't know Jesus and what He did for all today. Pray for Laurie as she is living a miracle and facing this spiritual reality much clearer and closer than most of us. Andpray for the world that it will hear the Holy Spirit's voice and come home to God.