Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas is coming

In Swedish:
Det är snart jul här i Mississippi och det känns direkt när man går ut. Vi har det lite kyligt med ca. 18 grader varmt och sol...ingen jul känsla direkt! Vi har det bra och jag njuter av att min termin är slut. Nu är det bara 14,5 poäng kvar, vilket innebär att jag blir klar i Maj nästa år. Härligt! Samuel leker frenetiskt och har fullt upp med att läsa böcker, hoppa i sängar, leka med sitt brio tåg, klättra på Kelty, m.m. Återkom snart till bloggen för vi håller på att lägga ut en vidoe-jul hälsning. Ha det så bra!

In English:
this is actually Laurie writing, which doesn't happen that often. I chose to write in English because my Swedish may not be comprehendable. Well, Mississippi has already headed for Spring. We will have 70 degree weather for the next week or so. I am still very busy at my job. Admittedly, overworked, but truly knowing that is where God has placed me for this time. Everytime I hear or see a child find a family, every minute is worth it. We have friends in Albania right now working on getting there daughter home, and I know that the Lord is working mightily. Today we celebrated with a friend who is trying to bring home 2 children from Russian. We were celebrating because she received her approval from the USCIS. I know that the Lord continues to work for the smallest in His kingdom. I am very humbled and truly grateful for the child He has given Andreas and I. I am continuing to work on setting up Nepali adoptions for New Beginnings. It looks like I will be making a trip to Nepal this Spring to tour some orphanages and possibly sign papers to start our adoptions. I can't take credit for any of that, the Lord has done everything. (literally, ask me sometime and I will tell you of all the provisions He has put in place.)

It is official!!! We have begun work on our second adoption. Our goal, a little boy from Guatemala. We had our homestudy update meeting this past Tuesday and I am working on our dossier. I think this week we will also send in the paperwork for USCIS approval. Please pray for that!!!! I hope by next year we will be celebrating Christmas with two little boys.

Ideas for Christmas gifts!!! Go to Samaritan's Purse on the web and look at their gift book. You can buy a child out of slavery and give them a safe place to live. You can buy milk for a child for a month. You can send books in a native language to teach people about Christ. You can by a bike to help a pastor go out and reach people and so much more. You can do all of this and put it in honor of someone and Samaritan's Purse will send them a card. It is much better than that sweater that Aunt Edna is just going to return anyway!!!!!

thank you for your continued interest in our lives. this next year will be an amazing one!!! All I keep thinking is that I am so small and the Lord has given me so much and intrusted to me so much. I know that I am not worthy, but I pray that I will always be thankful. This Christmas I remember that last year I was given a son for Christmas. And over 2000 years ago, God gave his son. As I ponder this I realize that I am searching for the Christ child, and my King. I pray to pass this on to my son(s) (and daughters) someday. We would love to hear from you all. Until then you are in our prayers.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas parade

Some pictures from the Christmas parade where Samuel got to be baby Jesus. It was very cold, 40F and 5C, so he was bundled up really well. I'm sure Jesus would have enjoyed such clothing in that manger...